Forgotten Girls

Hey guys, been a while since I pump out an “actual” post ( 🙂 )…but I can explain.

About a week ago, I embarked on the composition of a new e-book product, which is long overdue, by the name of “Text Bang” [the name is subject to change], which will feature virtually everything I possess in my proverbial arsenal about how to text girls.

Thus far I’ve completed a mere 5 pages (all preliminary stuff). So basically, the reason why I haven’t posted anything textual is because I’m extremely busy putting this e-book product together while simultaneously pumping out videos of my own.

In the mean goddamn time, I have an interesting post to share on the topic of the abundance mentality in dating, and why having options in women from whom to choose will create a neat-little situation in and of itself (like having girls chase).

As I touched on recently in a video of mines: I pick up tons of women per week, monthly, quarterly, etc. With that, since it is humanly impossible for me (or any one for that matter who run such numbers) to follow up with every-single phone number I snag, there are bound to be forgotten #’s, forgotten women, and those in whom I frankly lost interest along the way.

This is all a consequence of possessing an abundance mentality in the game.

Is such a consequence inherently good or bad?

“Good or Bad” is irreverent if you ask me.

Do I wish I could sleep with every girl I pick up?

Yes! And because I only manage to sleep with a portion doesn’t indicate a true loss at all.

Every now and then- I should say at least once a week- a chick whom I’d forgotten about would hit me up out of the blue with, “Hi”.

Nine in ten times I fail to recall who these “forgotten” girls are since I’m constantly meeting dozens of new girls on a weekly basis.

Hence, I struggled to remember 1 such chick who hit me up yesterday evening via Whatsapp.

I had her name saved to my phone contacts and Whatsapp, but that was about it. I didn’t remember her identity, couldn’t put a face to the name: nothing.

Again- this is nothing foreign to an ardent pick-up artist. Just another day at the office.

[Her messages in white. Mines in green]


Basically, she hits me up, wanting to know whether I was back home in Antigua (since I’m inclined to island hopping). And since I didn’t remember who she was, she sent a pic along while saying, “…hope to see you”.

Oh- that’s who she is! 😆

The pic instantly told the story…though I didn’t recall where we met.


This chick surely recollected everything.

That didn’t do much to help me recollect what went down between us since I routinely get girls come by my hotel and eventually shag down.

When I thought about it though, what actually happened as to why we didn’t get to fuck was because I ferried to a neighboring island on business [on a Thursday], expected to return home on the Friday, book an inexpensive hotel room for the night [I rarely take girls to my apartment] and have her come over that Friday night in order to seal the deal.

It was as wrapped up and sealed [banging this chick] tight as a Christmas present, but I couldn’t make it back in time so I blew her off altogether.

This was back in November or December last year when I picked her up and was to hook up with her.

Clearly as you would’ve noticed from her messages: she was DTF as fuck, indicative of the fact that she said “we were to fuck”!

Since blowing her off essentially, being that I was meeting other chicks anyway, she apparently moved on but now resurfaced last night after about 5 months and change.

Is there a takeaway lesson here besides “just get more girls”?

I think “get more girls” is a sufficient note on which to conclude this post.

Guys who aren’t familiar with the following concept which is adopted by pickup, need to internalize it: PRE-SELECTION.

Not only does merely having more girls begets more girls, but doing so will have kept some of your demons in checked…such as chasing girls aimlessly, over-texting, getting desperate, putting all of your eggs in 1 basket, getting needy, pedestalization…just to name a few.

When you have options you tend not to get desperate and needy for any 1 special girl.

Women on a subconscious level find this highly sexy in a man [a guy who operates as though he doesn’t need her]!

This high-value frame doesn’t at all have to be communicated explicitly (verbally for instance).

By your actions alone, you will have managed to create this blasé impression.

Whenever I meet a girl, though I persist towards the lay as stridently as any other motherfucka who’s ever walketh the Earth, I still manage to simultaneously communicate to the girl that I do NOT need her!

Therefore, it is possible to persist while preserving that high value and attractive position.

Persisting doesn’t mean aimlessly chasing.

Saying that much to say, I’m liable to meet a girl today, persist, persist, persist until I get to see her, hopefully for sex. Or I happen to completely forget about her, irrespective of how wonderfully we clicked upon meeting.

Thus, I manage to inadvertently give off that carefree and nonchalant vibe that chicks internally go bonkers over.

Once the girl realizes that I haven’t texted her in days, weeks or months, it is at that point in the game where I get the all-too-familiar, “Hi Kenny” text, out of nowhere from a chick whom I’d picked up 4 months ago.

Lastly, I want to touch on the DTF factor in conjunction with everything else said.

Every girl I meet knows that I’m DTF from the way I look at her, what I say to her and how I say whatever I say to her.

There’s no ambiguity about this [my intentions of wanting to hook up].

With that, girls are forced to be transparent as possible with me.

It is only when you hide your dick that girls feel a need to hide their vagina and play the prudish card…which is just a facade.


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