RSD Luke…How To Bring Girls Home In The Day

Solid video from Luke which I checked out a few days ago.

I actually learned 2 novel things which I can incorporate into my game.

By the way, this is the 1st time I’d ever checked out anything from Luke, being that he’s quite new to the coaching scene.

4 thoughts on “RSD Luke…How To Bring Girls Home In The Day

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  1. Dude, don’t you fear that nature of some of your texts to girls might land you up in jail if they complain to police of harassment?


    1. That’s a pretty stupid thing to say Jabber. If you’re gonna pose that question to me then you might as well pose it to 90% of other PUA’s who do the same. On another note: I censor my stuff (names and faces) so there’s no way they can link back to any girl


      1. Hey, I am not talking about you posting your text links here. Talking about different girls who are receiving you texts. I am sure, not all the girls whom you’re sending these messages would like it. Some of them might be blocking you right away. And some of them might report to police as well. Just a thought.


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