A Bit On Tom Torero And Why I Respect Him And His Game

Tom Torero, a pick-up instructor from Britain, who was about a year ago, outed by his former PUA businessmen at Daygame.com, for faking an infield pickup video, where Tom purported to have made out with a girl on the street, which turned out that Tom had actually hired the girl to play the role.

Since then, most in pickup (coaches and students) have thrown Tom Torero under the bus because of his faked video.

I on the other hand, was always a fan of Tom, dating back many years before his scandal. Hence, I decided to not throw him under the bus, simply because I knew to myself that what we taught was solid gold, and I myself had learned a thing or 2 from Tom’s style, which I’d since incorporated into my street-game method.

Be as it may, Tom has come long way as most of us in the game.

He was a former primary-school teacher in England, who cold quit on his job in order to learn how to pick up girls, to eventually attaining a level to where he now teaches game.

I commend that and respect it!

What I love even more, and particularly since his conundrum, is that he haven’t given up on the game and went into hiding as most would’ve done had they been in his shoes, but he remained in the game, and in my eyes, has redeemed himself by putting out solid infield video (hidden-cam content) which are unmistakably REAL, partly because his moat recently infield videos have been recorded with a cellphone cam instead of high-tech gadgets which are notorious for being used in staged staged/fake footages.

Therefore, kudos to Tom for continuing to hit us with solid content, even after his fall from grace in the eyes of many within the pickup community.

I mean- how can you not take your hat off to a guy who was once a boring school teacher, never getting laid, afraid to approach women, to now being a master PUA?

What's your view?

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