Your Video Guide To Picking Up B**chy Hot Girls On Social Media [Master PUA’s Guide]

An April Fools pickup for you guys. No- seriously- not a prank pickup but an actual pickup via Facebook on April Fools (though the girl thought for a split second that this was some sort of prank as I inboxed her).

A very long video actually [45 minutes], however I give you a play-by-play narration and detailed rundown of how I managed to pull/pick up this bitchy hot girl over Facebook…which is actually a common occurrence…just so you know. 🙂

You will have also noticed how I employ in an even more real setting, the text-game concepts which I’ve been disseminating over the years such as:

•Using “Curiosity Loops” in order to draw the girl in

•Making a weird/confusing statement which confuses and attracts the girl simultaneously

•Reeling the girl in by being vague and purposely withholding pertinent information from her

•Instantly separating yourself from 99.5% of loser guys out there by doing this 1 trick

•Making the girl beg you to inbox/message her with this 1 trick by way of a comment left on her online status

At the end of the video (the last 10 minutes), I include some voice notes which were exchanged between her and me. You will hear how she refuses to give me her # [token resistance] but eventually coughs it up as I persisted without being desperate.

Ultimately, the reason for this pickup wasn’t just to prove a point that bitchy girls are easy to pull. But as usual, it is to hook up with the girl by firstly setting up a rendezvous…in this case; a rendezvous in her hometown which I frequent.

Finally, the biggest takeaway from this video that I wish for you internalize is my vibe: my badboy vibe!

Here’s the deal; you can neither seduce, pick up nor lay a bitchy girl (albeit a hot one who gets loads of attention) by playing this, “I’m a nice guy” role, or else she will roll over you like a 10-ton Mack truck, since hot girls don’t respect a nice guy’s approach in the least!

With that, it is imperative that (especially online) that you embody this dickish and badboy vibe because that is what ultimately attracts bitchy girls.

From my approach/style which was on display during the chat/text log which I narrated in this video, you will clearly notice how I managed to strategically get this girl to chase me, become attracted to me (my vibe), ultimately cough up the number while begging me to call her.

2 thoughts on “Your Video Guide To Picking Up B**chy Hot Girls On Social Media [Master PUA’s Guide]

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  1. Bro you’re videos this month so far are A+

    I can tell you’re at the TOP of your game right now. I used this video as a guide this week -to try a different approach other than mine- & got laid 3 times since Wednesday.

    You’re in Playoff mode. Good shit

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Razor, you got to be kidding me! 😆 That’s great lay #’s right there for just trying out a different approach (in this case mines). I love these sort of comments where guys give me feedback on whether they field tested my stuff or not. But much props anyway. I’ve been on a major roll…sort of in the zone.


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