Did She Think It Was An April Fools Prank?

When you’re accustomed to picking up so many girls you’re bound to run into the quality problem of picking up girls who have the same name.

This chick whom I’d picked up back in December during DayGame, hit me up this morning. But I mistook her for another girl in my phone who has the same name as hers.

For some weird reason, I didn’t save her name with a nickname as I usually give every girl I pick up.

On another note, it goes to show that when you’re used to picking up lots of chicks, no 1 girl is ever that special…at least not for me.

I often pick up chicks and forget their name and # and don’t even contact them in months…as is the case with this chick whom I was supposed to meet up with back in December but I stood her up due to other plans.

Anyway, I totally didn’t know which Joyanne it was since I have 2 of them in my phone. If I’m up to it; I may just grab a drink with her later.
[Her texts in white. Mines green]





And no it wasn’t an April Fool’s joke.

One thought on “Did She Think It Was An April Fools Prank?

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  1. I found an interesting pickup thread on the MPUA Forum:


    In the comments, someone had this to say:

    Quote”Being fat is the biggest pussy vaporizer in the world. If you want 7, 8’s and 9’s, put a tape measure around your waist at the belly button. You should be between 30-34 inches (34 if over 6 foot, etc). If not, you’re fucked unless you’re a celebrity or rich.”Quote


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