More Proof Of How Being A Jerk And Busting On Hot Girls Attract Hot Girls [+ More on Negging & the Alpha mindset]

Girls are often indirect when it comes to showing their fondness for a guy.

Over Facebook, I encounter such indirect approaches from women all the time.

A girl may very well want to get to know me but chooses to go about it in the form of hint dropping and insinuations.

It’s up to me to exercise my perceptive abilities to see the subtle plot and subsequently seize the moment.

Before I get into this, let me first say that (hot) girls on the internet will rarely ever chase guys whom they don’t know.

No girl for that matter would blatantly chase a random stranger. It’s just not in her reality of how things are supposed to be. Because of this, women will often drop hints in order to get the guy to chase her instead and make something happen. In effect, she’s the one chasing but subtly and indirectly.

However, she will not drop hints in hopes of having a guy to whom she isn’t attracted to pursue her.

Additionally, the reason why chicks aren’t chasing (subtly so) guys on Facebook is because 98% of guys on Facebook are ass-kissing-bland personality scrubs to begin with. Therefore, the girl feels not 1 ounce of desire to devise ways in order to get low-value guys to pursue her.

With that, unlike the case with almost every guy on Facebook, I get hot girls hitting me up all the time: semi-directly and indirectly via hint-dropping.

Why is this?

My douchey attitude. πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚

Yes- my douchey, opinionated and neggish personality gets girl’s pussy flowing…at least get girls wanting to get to know me more.

Flat-out being an asshole with women has more cons than pros. Playing the role of a tactful asshole on the other hand, has far less downsides.

If you’re a female, and are my friend on Facebook, you will have gotten to know my shtick by now.

I poke fun, neg, tease, call out and embody this carefree, badboy, assholish vibe which is communicated through my comments and status updates.

However, I’m not obnoxious with it but strategic.

This is why 99.5% of the responses/replies I receive from women whenever I comment on their posts, are embedded with laughter and smiles.

Rarely ever do my asshole, button-pushing vibe gets women offended, defensive and turned off.

Sure I will shock them! But it is almost always within the context of humor and lightheartedness.

Where most newer guys in pickup who test run the carefree style go wrong, is that they over-fucking-do it…just as they do with negging girls!

For instance; I may advise a newbie PUA to start negging girls on Facebook in order to gain attraction.

He would report back to me: “Hey Kenny, I took your advice but it went horribly”.

Out of curiosity I would say: “Send me some screenshots of this”.

Lo and fucking behold; his comments on the girl’s posts are chocked filled with nuclear-bomb style negs and over-the-top asshole commentaries!

“No dude! You have to fucking exercise tact, foresight and social intelligence, and also know when to relent in order to avoid genuinely pissing the girl off!

Your aim isn’t to insult the hottie but to attract her through being dickish.

If you’re gonna say to a girl, “your hair is fake”, that isn’t a neg. Those are fighting words and the girl will genuinely feel offended and your chances are gone, albeit this is a girl who’s a random stranger!

Again- when attracting women by being a dick, you have to operate from a frame of subtlety and intelligence.

You want the girl to laugh; not cry!

Just to illustrate how being an opinionated dick on social media gets random girls to open up to me, here is an FB post from yesterday where a chick had posted a status about an earthquake tremor which was felt yesterday morning on the islands of Antigua and Barbuda (where I reside).

I too felt the tremor just before 7:30 AM. It rolled me out of bed actually.

The chick subsequently posted a status about this natural occurrence.

Remind you; the chick whose status I am to comment on, we are friends on Facebook.

The girl who replies to my comment; I don’t know her from a hole in the wall, and we aren’t even friends on Facebook.


See how that worked?

This is a girl with whom I shared zero communication prior, yet she is well aware of my shtick as someone who busts on the original poster (her friend I guess).

Furthermore, this goes to show how women are very subtle and observant. This is why whenever you posts some lame shit on Facebook, not only does it turn off girl 1, but your lamery snowballs down and turns off girl 2, girl 10 and countless number of other women who are observing from the sidelines.

Likewise, whenever you post shit worth noting, it has the same snowball effect but in the positive, serving to attract women from by the wayside.

Anyway, sensing that this stranger girl was obviously keen on me and attracted to me (my vibe), I inboxed her shortly afterwards.

Here is where I spoke about “hints” and how women will often give you cues and clues in hopes that you may catch on and pursue them while the attraction is sizzling hot. So I did just that.

However, I want you to pay close attention to my negging and my overall approach upon the 1st message.

Note: this girl is very thin (albeit super sexy), so I used that as a point to neg her [photo below].



Did you get what I did there by using such a powerful neg?

With such a comment, I communicated to her 5 things:

1.) You’re not my type ordinarily

2.) I am choosy, picky and particular

3.) I am of higher value than you are and I am accustomed to dating and being around hotter girls

4.) I am NOT afraid to offend you

5.) I am not impressed

With those 5 pointers noted, I also used the classic PUA tactic of “False Disqualification”. In other words, my initial message(s) was that of someone who wasn’t interested- because after all- if a guy were interested in a girl, why would he approach her with insinuations that she isn’t his type?

Thus, “Falsely Disqualifying” oneself.

Again- my neg wasn’t taken offensively but she “LOL” about me sort of dissing her. πŸ˜‰

Below, I get playful with her and send an emoticon where I stuck my tongue out.


I doubled down on the fact that she is super thin and it turns me off, so I needed to take her on a date in order to fatten her up some.

By the way, I’m just negging this girl about being thin. I like thin women also, just as much as I like the curvier types with rounder ass…but she doesn’t have to know this. πŸ˜‰

She then qualified herself after I mentioned the date to fatten her up. This goes to show that she’s seeking my approval and that I should accept her the way she is.

We went on to talk about favorite drinks, and that is when she dropped a bombshell in the mix about being 5 months pregnant, and that is why she ceased partying as of late! 😯 😯


In the 2nd part of her 1st comment above, she went on to say that she knows that I’m from *****, so that much she knows about me.

Bear in mind that this is a complete stranger to me, of whom I know nothing!

However, she had obviously stalked my profile before, indicative of the fact that my profile doesn’t exactly say my place of birth. The only how she could’ve known that was if she stalked my public posts.

I then went on to bust on her about being a stalker and doing her homework on me. πŸ˜‰


Since discovering that she’s pregnant, my interest plummeted somewhat. Not that I’m against banging girls who are with child (I’ve been there a bunch of times before), but because she’s super thin and not that curvy to begin with (which is a negative IMO), she’s already entering the picture with a handicap as far as I’m concerned. So there’s no real fire and desire within my stomach for me to want to establish a rendezvous with this chick in order to fuck her 5 months pregnant pussy.

With that being said, we are currently Facebooking at the moment, and I’ve already indicated to her that I may just want to meet up and see what unfolds…which she’s okay with.

Side note: pregnant pussy is the best pussy you will have ever entered. Take that from a guy who has shagged innumerable amounts of women over the course of his pick-up career [yours truly].

Nevertheless guys, I’m hoping from this brief interaction, and from everything else that I laid out in this post, you will gotten a greater sense of how attraction works (online primarily), when-how to seize the moment, and when and how to calibrate negs for greater effect.

BTW guys: for the next 3 days, I’ll be Skyping my ass off with students from across the globe. I usually schedule my sessions for particular days, but from Saturday up until Monday-Tuesday, I’ll be available.

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