Getting His Client Laid On Tinder

Remember that guy, Sean Larson, the Indian PUA from a few years ago who got ran off the Ohio State University campus for banging so many girls?

Well, though he and I had our fight a while back (that’s if you didn’t know), we actually became good friends and are looking to collaborate in the near future on some pick-up related material of course.

To date, he’s the mos proficient guy I’ve seen when it comes to getting laid on Tinder.

Since I’ve never actually seen, let alone used Tinder, lots of PUA coaches are able to make their imprint on Tinder while I sit on the sidelines 😦 …but that’s another story for another day.

An interesting post was posted a day ago to Facebook by the Underground Player (Sean Larson), where he got 1 of his clients laid on Tinder by pretending to be his client/student.

Remind you; Sean lives in New York City. His client is located in England, but in order to get him laid for starters, Sean used his client’s Tinder photo and basically copied his profile info and pretended as though he was the guy from England trying to pick up this girl on Tinder who was also in England.

Crafty and dirty?


However, I find it to be a super interesting way to get a student’s feet wett (or dick wett), which could do no possible harm but to build his state in the game.

This is why I advise newbies who can’t get laid to go fuck some hooker if that’s what it takes to loose their male v-card, rather than roaming around the place all sexually frustrated, which can lead to an Elliot Rogers type of situation where sexually frustrated virgin goes on a murderous rampage.

Anyway, I applaud The Underground Player for showing his student, not only how easy it is to get laid, but how easy it is for someone else to get him laid.

Here are some screenshots from that Tinder situation where Sean pretended to be his client in England, in order to get him laid.





At the end of the day, this highlights how easy it is to get laid on Tinder, and how the PUA’s approach of being ultra-sexual pays dividends.

2 thoughts on “Getting His Client Laid On Tinder

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  1. I hate to throw race into it but 99% of the ethnicity i prefer on these sites/apps will not fall for this. Straight up. You’ll end up screen shot & on her status so everyone can see.

    Not knocking this at all cuz I see that it works for him.

    I won’t say my race but I’m pretty sure you can already guess.


    1. I expected to hear such a comment at some point. If these things don’t work for you, I don’t believe you should readily blame it on your race rather than other things which you may be doing wrong


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