Just A Bit Of Neg-Theory Technique Used On A Hot Girl

Negs, Negs, Negs, the most popularized concept of the pick-up game to date.

Even the corrupt-mainstream media single out “Negs” as an evil tactic of the women-hating PUA, employed to belittle, demean and make women feel worthless…But when has the media ever gotten anything right…right?

“Negging” is a pick-up artist tactic used in order to gain a specific purpose:

To level the playing field by communicating to the girl that she isn’t above the PUA…hence, negging is used to bring her down to Earth…not to belittle her.

Additionally, Negs work to greater effect on the hotter girls since hot girls rarely ever get negged by guys.

Consequently, “Negging” is 1 of my fortés in the Game.

However, it is a delicate art in and of itself.

If you neg a girl the wrong way, wrong time; it will blow up in your face like a powder cake.

Most pick-up newbies, expectedly so, are so un-calibrated [having poor timing] that they often neg the wrong way, wrong time and often either over-neg or neg too strongly.

In all fairness, as is the case with any art, you will often fuck up before getting a handle on it.

In light of that, a guy will have known when a Neg was successfully used when the reaction from the neg recipient [the girl] is either laughter or a love tap accompanied by laughter (that’s if in person).

You know when a neg was unwarranted and poorly delivered when the reaction from the girl is a negative one…or she genuinely fucks off.

Here’s an example of a perfect neg which I lobbed at a hot girl on her Facebook status.


Did you notice that the guy who first commented (with “lovely”) was flatly ignored?

Again- this is testament to what I’ve been preaching ad nauseum that hot girls get turned off by ass-kissers and guys who directly compliment them.

My neggish comment however, wasn’t ignored because it served its intended purpose precisely.

Calling a hot girl nerdy or a nerd, is in itself a super Neg!

Who does this?

No guy who’s trying to appeal to a girl in hopes of getting with her.

However, as most concepts are in pickup, they seem contradictive and counter-intuitive…but that’s wherein lies the beauty. 😉

Lastly, no 1 neg will get a girl spreading her legs for you.

That isn’t the purpose of negging. No 1 anything will get a guy laid. But when you put it all together within your repertoire of game (negging for instance), you will have seen magic in the making

Here’s a video from Todd Valentine, posted back in January, on Negging.

I haven’t watched it yet but I know anything Todd puts out is golden, so peace out!

What's your view?

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