Dont Ask Her For A Date; Invite Her To Join You!

How I get girls to meet up is very simple.

I NEVER ask them out!

I invite them to join me!

This is a very powerful frame (inviting) rather than begging/asking.

Own it and assume the sale!

With this girl here, I just hit her up on FB this morning about grabbing lunch today.

Pay attention to my frame and how high value it is and how I steer clear on being put in the beggar/asker frame. Not to mention this is a stranger whom I’d friend requested about 2 weeks ago.

[My texts in blue. BTW, “Chupz” is Caribbean jargon for KMT]



If all goes accordingly, I’ll be posting a video in the next day or so which deals with this (inviting a girl along to join you, opposed from officially planning something).

It’ll be very insightful.

Stay tuned chumps!

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