PUA Concerted Effort To Catfish Kenny P

The inner circle of the PUA community at times, can seem like a sphere of battling frames where everyone, in some crafty way, is seeking to 1-up the next man.

Guys are trying to feel out each other and gauge each other in order to score points, or even to expose a fraudulent artist who isn’t what he claims to be.

One such dirty trickery that is becoming all-too-common since the boom of catfishing is catfish itself, being employed among the fraternity of guys in order to expose suckers and gullible losers (for lack of a more palatable term).

Guys in pickup, fellow PUA’s and the so-called “naturals” who prefer not to be labeled PUA’s but are still on the inside, have been consistently trying to catfish me to no avail for about 2 years now. When I say “consistently” I mean on a weekly fucking basis!

Why are my fellow comrades in the Game seemingly on this witch hunt in hopes to catfish me?

I can only speculate since no one has actually fessed up to doing so.

However, I dare to hypothesize to say that once you’ve put yourself in center stage of any field in life for that matter, you become target number 1.

“The tallest poppy tree gets cut first”, as the scumbag, RSD Jeffy, would say.

There are lots of truth to this!

If you go unnoticed and play the background, you will avoid much or all of the arrows and darts being slung to and fro.

However, if you’re out there pumping out content on the game, left and right, posting and sharing articles which you’d crafted, uploading and sharing videos of your latest pick-up wisdomry: you are making yourself a prime target to be struck down like nobody’s business.

The big cajuna of all cajunas, Mystery, was just publicly catfished the other day on Facebook by Wayne Jordan posing as a girl name Corina Keely.

I’d actually posted about Mystery’s catfish almost a month back.

Nevertheless, when you position yourself at the forefront of the Game, inadvertently so, guys salivate at the idea of taking you down- if for nothing- just to get a good kick out of seeing you exposed and bare for the world to shame into infamy.

The latest attempt from an anonymous PUA came a few days ago, ironically minutes after I had posted to Facebook about catfishing.


Soon as I received the friend request, I noticed the blaring red flags screaming at me!

Usually, I would deny or not accept a request from an account which I sense is a fraud, but I decided to accept this friend request just to dig around a bit.

The most obvious sign of this being a catfish is the photo count. This “chick” only had 2 photos of herself in her entire profile.

That is a huge giveaway!

That’s all I needed to see before I un-friend and block this person…which I did.

Do I believe it was really a female?


It was a man pretending to be a female.

The script is always the same and I’m always 10 steps ahead of the catfish.

Better luck next time guys. 😉

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