I Flake On Girls Purposely Like A Dick Too

Call me a dick, but I purposely stood up a sexy girl twice in 1 day alone…and it gave me a massive high!

I now realize how validated women feel whenever they intentionally blow guys off, reject and stand them up.

Ok, so with this girl, I had picked her up about 2 weeks back while running some street game around a bus terminal.

Last Saturday afternoon, she wanted to meet up with me for drinks at 3 PM…but I purposely stood her up while she waited on me.

I apologized and we set up another so-called date that same Saturday evening…but I stood her up again.

As you will see from the screenshots, she calls me king liar for not showing up (this was for the 3 pm date).

Our 2nd attempt was for 8:30 pm, she texted me saying she’s at Heritage Quay, which is the area in which we were to meet up and go out from there.

I claimed that I didn’t have WiFi so that’s why she couldn’t reach me.

She texted me, “U coming”?

I never answered her as she waited at the spot for me.

She texted me at 2am the following morning (Sunday) with “hey”…I ignored her message on purpose but responded the next morning apologizing for the previous night.

I hope this shit doesn’t breed bad karma for me 😦 . But chicks do this all the time to guys (stand them up) without taking karma into consideration.

Nevertheless, I did get a massive high from it though.

Anyway, so the 1st screenshot is from the Friday morning when I first contacted her since picking her up a week prior to that. The 2nd screenshot was from the Saturday afternoon (last weekend) after I stood her up at 3 pm, and when I stood her up again at 8:30 pm and apologized for it the following morning. 🙂
[My texts in green. Hers in white]


Note: “Chupz is a Caribbean term for KMT (kissing one’s teeth).


Is there an actual salient point to this post besides Kenny being a dick?

Perhaps not.

However, with abundance comes a carefree frame from which to operate.

If you’re accustomed to getting dates and getting laid by various women, no 1 girl nor 1 date holds any particular special significance or importance above the other.

Every girl is treated equally!

If you happen to land on the other spectrum: date-less, hardly get laid and are in scarcity mode, there is no way in the world you could ever fathom being difficult with any girl, playing hard-to-get, standing up girls, acting a dick, etc.

With an abundance mentality, you gain leverage and you begin to operate from a position of power.

What's your view?

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