3 Most Powerful Words

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  1. This shit works like a charm and will get a response 8/10 times. I’ve used it on the baddest chicks on Tagged/FB. You’re kinda gorgeous

    They usually say “Kinda?, thanks kinda, or thanks I guess”

    I just suck at what to respond with when the girl doesn’t play along. I told this one girl that

    “I don’t usually throw compliments around like that online :
    She said” oh so you’re compliment is worth it’s weight in gold.

    I can play the cat & mouse game but when the mouse isn’t playing it’s no fun.

    One chick took offense to it & said who says that to a female then blocked me b4 I could even reply back.


    1. Lol thanks for field testing it Jason. Most guys are quick to just dismiss something without actually trying it. This is very powerful and I’ve been using it for years to get hot girls on Tagged and FB chasing me.
      Here’s the deal Jason; the ones who do take offence and block you were never going to be down anyway. No matter what you do, those girls were going to blow you out regardless. It is better to get rejected early than to waste a week of texting with a girl to then have her reject you after wasting all that time. So never look at it as a bad thing if a girl does something like that


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