Probably The Most Straightforward Rejection I Ever Got + Re-Framing Rejections [PUA Field Report Feb. 25th. 2016]

“Rejections Don’t Exist”!

With every post I post about rejection, I find myself having to have to put an avowal claim at the head of the post just to keep guys in focus of the grand picture when it comes to meeting strangers.

Anyway, so last evening while taking a walk, I came across a super-hot stranger at an intersection:

Me: “Hold up, hold up”!

I exclaimed from across the road.

Girl smiles and stops as I jauntily approach.

Girl: “I can’t really stop because I’m in a rush”.

Whenever a girl says that to you, always acknowledge what she said, that she’s in a rush, and throw a false-time constraint out there so that she knows that you don’t intend to keep her back for long.

Me: “Oh cool, I realize that you’re in a rush. You’re probably headed to the bar up the bloc to get hammered”.

I then motioned for her to walk while I take the lead by walking off as she follows.

Girl: “Hammered!? I haven’t gotten hammered in ages. Like 9 months”.

Me: “Just 9 months!? You made it sound like 9 months is a long time”.

Girl: “Long time for me”!

The whole time we were walking and talking.

I prefer doing this, especially when the girl is busy or claims that she’s in a rush.

This shows that you have social intelligence and empathy.

Most guys would try to keep her there indefinitely. I believe in moving the set while chatting up the girl on the go.

We came up on another intersection:

Girl: “I’m going left”.

Me: “Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! I know you have to go and I have to go too”.

At this point, I motioned with my hand for her to stop and I also came to a stop which led her to halt right away.

Me: “Alright, lemme not beat around the bush…I want us to keep in contact and hang out when we have the free time…hopefully soon”.

Girl: “I’m always busy. Very busy actually”.

Me: “You use Facebook”?

Girl: “Nah. Not anymore. I don’t have the time for Facebook. All my time is dedicated to my boyfriend”.

Me: “Cool. Y’all live together”.

Girl: “He doesn’t live here. But I’m just so busy doing other things too”.

Me: “Alright. No free time I guess. It’s like that sometime”.

Girl: “To be honest…and let me not even beat around the bush about this. Even if I wasn’t busy, I wouldn’t want to hang out. I’m just not the type who keep many friends. I like to be alone”.

Me: “That’s cool. I’m the same. I roll solo”.

Girl: “I just think I have to be honest with you”.

Me: “That’s fine. Catch up then”.

I smiled about it, took it lightheartedly then parted ways.

By the way, this was all done pleasantly and not in a bitchy tone. She wasn’t rude at all at any point of the attempted pickup. She was super cordial, nice and smiling all the way throughout.

Note: although I did everything right here, it still ended in an unsuccessful pickup.

Hence, it wasn’t my approach or style which was wrong, but other variables which were out of my control [I’ll speak more to this a bit later in the post].

Did I take this so-called rejection personally?


Did I even take it as a rejection?


How to handle rejection from women

Whenever a girl rejects me- and this is a piece of advice for you- instead of seeing it as a rejection or taking it to mean “I’m ugly, I’m not her type”, or some other low-value coping mental Jujitsu, I re-frame this so-called rejection to mean that the girl just wasn’t in the head space at the time.


A simple re-frame!

“The girl was NOT in the mindset to be chatted up that day/night”.

Women are creatures of transitive moods.

We understand that.

Case in point; you can meet a girl tonight who rejects you, yet meet that same girl 2 days later and she totally buys into your frame and allows herself to be swept off her feet and picked up.

This is why you should never take a girl seriously!

Therefore, whenever I get rejected, I simply re-frame it to mean that the girl wasn’t in the mood that time: on that day.

Furthermore dude: everyone has his or her personal issue.

Why fucking take rejection to mean that the girl isn’t into you, or that she has something against you!?

She could’ve just been dumped by her boyfriend!

She could’ve just gotten into a fight with her boyfriend or her mom had pissed her off minutes before you had approached her!

You don’t know what she’s been into!

You don’t know her current situation!

Thus, you never want to take rejection personally because you might have just caught the girl at the wrong time!

Will you have another shot?

It all depends.

If you’re in a big metropolis of a city, then chances of running into this same girl again may be next to nil.

However, if you reside in small-town USA or anywhere else in the world for that matter, chances of bumping into that girl again who had rejected you, is almost likely. So you do have another shot in hopes of catching her at a better time.

Therefore, you don’t want to take rejection to heart!

The reason you do take it to heart as it is now is because you’re viewing it the wrong way.

You’re thinking that the girl abhors you as a person rather than she’s going through some personal shit.

With this HB10 from yesterday evening who “quote unquote” rejected me, perhaps she was genuinely uninterested as she stated.

That is okay!

Not every fucking girl will be into you!

It has nothing to do with you as a person!

The girl may have just gotten a new boyfriend for Heaven’s sake!

A girl is way less likely to cheat on her boyfriend if the relationship has not yet reached the 6 month mark.

Moreover, she’s also less likely to take newer guys on board while her relationship is still in its infancy stage.

A relationship is most strongest at the very beginning, prior to the 6-month mark. It doesn’t matter how inclined the girl may be towards cheating on her boyfriends, she isn’t likely to jeopardize it while things are so fresh…unless she was sleeping with you prior to meeting her current boyfriend.

Hence, when you put all of this together, a chick may very well love your approach but isn’t up for taking you on at the moment.

Have a chance encounter with this same chick a few weeks or months later, you may be surprised to find that she’s totally open to taking you on board.

A while back, I watched a video from Julien Blanc where he talked about women not remembering what they did/say a minute ago, let alone days ago [I was paraphrasing there].

Saying that to say, even if a girl were to so-called reject you now, she won’t even remember doing so 10 minutes later.

This happens all the time in nightclubs.

A girl would reject me now, I make a few spins across the dance floor gaming other girls, bump into the girl who had rejected me 5 minutes prior, and she’s totally into me.

It isn’t that she doesn’t remember me (or that she had rejected me). It’s simply that she makes transitions between mental states so rapidly that she doesn’t give much life to what she had done or said just minutes prior.

Here’s a video from the infamous Julien Blanc (featuring RSD Tyler/Owen), which touches on the points of rejection and building such a state in the game.

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