Kenny’s Dirty PUA-Pad

I have a chick coming to stay with me tomorrow into Sunday. This is her 2nd time coming to stay with me as fuck-friends. My apartment is dirty as shit though…and I frankly don’t care. My bathroom hasn’t been cleaned in almost 2 years, dirty, stinky shoes all over the place…it’s a mess! But I refuse to clean it just to satisfy a side chick aka a fuck-buddy. I will try to see if 1 of my homies have a spare room or apartment. If not; it’s my filthy PUA-pad.
[My texts in green. Her texts in white]



3 thoughts on “Kenny’s Dirty PUA-Pad

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    1. You keep missing the point my friend. What you’re basically saying is that a 10 won’t come to an unclean house, or more importantly, a 10 should be catered to like a princess and wined and dined and treated like royalty. Classic Beta-Male mentality you have Fabio. Keep pandering to women you chode.


  1. Wow straight nasty!!!! I can just imagine how your bathroom look, I can imagine someone not cleaning they bathroom for a month image 2 years!!!! Lol and u still comfortable using it?


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