Don’t Be Like This Guy

I was appalled and almost knocked off my chair when I came across this post yesterday.


In the guy’s defense: I liked his initial vibe because it was strong and dominant yet free from outcome, hence the girl responded about the Skype thing.

The last set of messages posted to the girl’s wall was the sinker.

The guy no longer went from dominant and free from outcome (as far as his vibe goes), but needy and desperate with the “tell me your Skype name” reiteration.

What should he have done?

Inbox her!

Never tool yourself out on a girl’s wall for the public to see!

In a few posts back, I talked guys making the big mistake of hitting on girls on their wall or their posts and statuses instead of messaging her directly.

The game of attraction and getting laid is so dynamic that you can be seen as a super attractive guy 1 second but blow your chances right after that.

What's your view?

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