Master The Art Of Indirect Attraction [gaming girls on Facebook]

Have you ever thought about commenting on a girl’s online status but referencing her in the 3rd. person?

Probably not.

What do I mean exactly?

Commenting on her status or photo with, “You are beautiful”, is directly aimed at the girl by virtue of the fact that you used the subject pronoun “You”. Instead, you comment, “She is beautiful”, would be an indirect comment, referring to the girl in the 3rd person.

Now, I am merely using “you are beautiful” as a reference here. By no means should you actually tell a hot girl “you’re beautiful” on her Facebook posts.

In any case, that is the procedural difference between talking to someone in the 2nd person (by saying “you”) and 3rd person (by saying “she or her”).

It is very innocuous yet powerful.

In pick-up community parlance, this would be equivalent to direct vs indirect game.

How about commenting on a girl’s posts but indirectly, addressing her as “she or her”, instead of you?

I’ve been field testing this over the last few months and it works very well in reciprocation rate per comment.

Here’s the thing: most girls are accustomed to getting direct comments on their statuses since 100% of men comment directly at them.

As is always the case, women become immune to what is perceived to be customary in her mind.

If she’s used to it: it holds no special value, hence she would barely feel a need to react to it.

This is largely why 90% of guy’s comments on girl’s statuses go unnoticed: they are too direct and the girl has built up an immunity to direct comments so she doesn’t even see them half the time.

I want you to try and field test for yourself, this indirect way of commenting on the girl’s social-media posts.

Here’s a great example of me doing this.


Remind you: she ignored every other guy’s comments which were addressing her directly (from 1st to 2nd person).

I on the other hand, omitted “you” and instead phrased the comment as though I was talking about “her” (3rd person)…hence she was compelled to respond.

Look at it this way on a deeper psychological level: when someone talks about you, you can’t help but to want to know what it is about and why you’re being talked about you.

Therefore, when you structure your comments in such a way (indirectly), it creates this sort of psychological lure that pulls the girl in.

It is very simple to try out.

This commenting style works most effectively on the hotter/hottest girls as they are mostly accustomed to getting guys praise them directly.

That’s your tidbit for the day!

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