The Mentality Which Allows Me To Blow Off Hot Girls + The Age Factor

Around these parts, I preach a lot about the abundance mentality: having abundance with women, and of women, and how this dynamic creates an almost next to perfect situation where meeting and dating women are concerned.

One of the few perks of being a skilled pick-up artist is having a sizeable amount of women from which to choose.

Enjoined with this sizeable amount (abundance of women) is a mindset shift to where neediness/desperation over 1 particular girl is kept at bay.

You realistically cannot become desperate when there are lots of women to choose from whom you had picked up along the way.

True desperation is really just a byproduct of having no options.

This is why women can gingerly blow guys off left to right without a second thought.

They have the monopoly on options so they can afford to snuff and snub guys wantonly.

PUA equips you with that same mentality of the hot girl, snubbing and rejecting those of the opposite sex because there’s more where that came from.

Yesterday on Facebook, this Puerto Rican Latina chick from the past hit me up…I guess out of boredom or she happened to come across my profile and had a rush of emotions or something.

She tried calling me through Messenger but I purposely ignored her call. Not because I wanted to be a dick. But honestly, it irks me whenever people ring me through Messenger unnanounced.


I don’t know where she got the idea from that I broke her heart, or that I left her, because we were never together as I explicitly reminded her of.

Now that I think about, what she meant by me breaking her heart is that I nexted her after she became ultra-attached, emotional and needy to the point that she made my life a living hell!

We merely hooked up a time or 2- but she wanted more than that- and I just couldn’t give her more (a relationship) because it wasn’t in the cards for me…notwithstanding thag I had a girlfriend already.

Additionally, she was very young when I first picked her up about 4 years ago. Since she’s 25 now, she was about 21 when I picked her up during cold-approach street game.

I mention age and she being very young as a deciding factor when it comes to me actually dating a girl, because in reality, a girl under the age of 29-30, is a deal-breaker for me as far as a relationship or anything semi-serious is concerned.

Sounds ass-backwards but it’s highly reasonable!

Few years ago, I published a scathing article, advising men to NOT date women under the age of 28.

The logics were simple: women under the age of 28 are still growing mentally, very gullible and are easily led astray, hence they cannot observe fidelity.

In other words; a girl under the age of 29-28 will NOT remain faithful in a so-called exclusive relationship! Either she will cheat on her boyfriend or dump him in order to liberate herself so that she can screw other guys without having the burden of the boyfriend with which to contend.

Girls between the ages of 17 and 28 are still trying to find themselves.

They are highly unsure of themselves by virtue of the fact that they are still immature on many level!

In addition to that, you have the party-girl factor. Girls between the ages of 17-28 will have still been enamored with the party phase of their life. So it complicates and undermines the stability of a relationship.

For the aforementioned reasons, I adhere to a rigid-personal code where I don’t date women under the age of 29.

I only fuck them! But not date them!

The moment they show me the slightest sign of attachment; I cut them off and run!

The situation with the Afro-Puerto Rican girl from the screenshot above, and what really pissed me off, was that I specifically sat her down and told her that what we have going on is STRICTLY casual, and there is no chance that there will be anything more.

Every girl whom I would have slept with, gets hit with the same pitch, either after we hooked up for the first time, or before we do hook up. I let them know forthrightly [this is the case with any girls, regardless of age] that I am NOT looking anything serious and I am NOT looking for a relationship under no circumstance.

Hence, I NEVER mislead women into believing that there is something more than meets the eye.

Most guys are under the impression that they have to lie to women and mislead them in order to get laid. So they sell women grand dreams/lies of exclusivity, knowing to themselves that they have no true intention of being with the girl in an exclusive relationship.

In any case; you don’t have to lie to women about what you want, your boundaries, intentions and so forth.

Anyway, so yesterday via Facebook when the Latina told me that I dumped her and that I broke her heart, I somewhat took offense to that because she’s implying that I lied to her and that I misled her.

I may have my dogish ways, but lying to women about what I want is NOT 1 of them!

Be as it may, after we had hooked up about 2 times (about 4 years ago), she became clingy and needy, began ringing my phone like 50 times a fucking day, sending dozens of texts per day, virtually driving me insane!

Thus, I reminded her of my position [she’s too young for me to take seriously] and ran for the fucking hills, only to hear from her about once a year leading up to yesterday, which is the 1st time she had contacted me in about a year and some months.

In light of my flight, she didn’t just let it go down without a fight.

Here is an interesting piece of lesson that I’ve learned over the years (the school of pick-up also teaches this):

“If you want a girl to leave you alone, chase her and become needy and clingy”!

That’s it!

The only way to truly get a girl off of your back is if you chase her away by doing exactly what the Latina did to me…which was texting and calling me to death…essentially becoming clingy.

This is very counter-intuitive one would think.

You would want to believe that if you were to show a girl utmost attention and dedicate yourself to her, she would appreciate it and want to keep you around.


She will flee!

Again- if you want to get rid of a girl, give shower her with all the attention in the world and she will surely get turned off and flee for the hills!

With the Afro-Latina spoken of in this post, I did the opposite 4 years ago, which was to cold-drop her, while expecting that she would get the hint and gingerly move on.

Not the case.

She online stalked me to death for some weeks before she finally accepted the situation for what it was.

To backtrack a bit, I want to briefly touch on the mindset of guys who aren’t accustomed to abundance with women, and why this fucks them in the end.

As a man, when you have minimal to zero options in women, you tend to get clingy and hold on to that 1 ideal girl with the clamping of a vise-grip.

She becomes your all!

The problem with this is numerous but tend to go ignored by most guys who get lucky or what have you.

What I mean is, as a guy meets or gets a girl whom he perceives to be out of his league, or aesthetically pleasing, he thinks to himself:



His otherwise better judgment gets clouded by the girl’s perceived beauty and he now begins to see things through an irrational lens.

Instead of solely or primarily thinking, “Hookup, Hookup, Hookup”! He makes the all-too-familiar blunder of putting the cart before the horse, pumping his head with the mantras of:

“Girlfriend, Girlfriend, Girlfriend”!

“She’s girlfriend material”!

She’s wifey material”!

“Must Get Relationship”!

That is absolutely the wrong mindset in which to embody upon meeting a new girl, or a girl whom you haven’t fucked yet.

You’re thinking exclusivity, relationship and locking this chick down before you even sampled the pussy!?

“You are insane dude”!

“Get a goddamn grip on yourself”!

Sorry for blowing a fuse, but I tend to get that way whenever I think about how gullible men can be when faced with the prospects of having a hot girl.

First thing’s first: when you meet a girl who’s to your liking, you must keep composed!

Don’t lose sight of your goal…which should be sex first!

Once you keep your priorities in order, or are at least mindful of them, you will hardly go wrong by putting the cart before the horse as you would usually do.

No 1 girl will have the psychological power to knock you off of your game…less you allow her to do so.

Now here’s the caveat: after you would’ve slept with her, you can then make a rational decision of your next move.

Furthermore, a girl only appears to be highly valuable before sleeping with her.

Once you would have graced the insides of her vaginal walls, you quickly get to realize how not-so-special she is.

The idea of fucking her was what had you believing that the girl is so special.

This feeling of “she’s special” evaporates quickly after sex!

For some men though, the adverse effect happens, and they become pussy-whipped and clingy on the idea of having this girl around for the long haul…as in an exclusive relationship.

Listen- there is nothing gravely wrong with wanting to be with a girl.

The frame/mindset from which you operate is the real issue.

If you do desire an exclusive relationship with her, ensure that it isn’t born out of neediness, or the fact that you don’t have options, or else you are going about this absolutely wrong, and you are only setting yourself up inevitable PAIN!

Therefore, it isn’t that I’m trying to convince you that relationships are inherently bad. Just that I’m advising you to take precaution and to be mindful of the frame from which you operate.

When you enjoy having choices of women from which to choose, you don’t as easily make these snap decisions which will come back to bite your ass off when that same girl whom you had treasured so much, turns around and cheats on you with an asshole like Kenny. 😉 🙂

Don’t let pussy, nor the thought of it, cloud your judgment!

In my case, I never allow this to happen (on the exception of when I was an AFC without options…prior to discovering the pick-up/seduction community)!

Nowadays, I routinely meet hot-young stunners, sleep with them tomorrow and not want to see them again!

Can you!?

Well if you can’t, you ought to learn how to embody that shit!

However, this high-value mindset cannot be attained once you continue to pedestalize and idolize the women you like, and those whom you’d bedded.

If you’re a male under the age of 29 and are currently reading this article, I especially want to caution you!

You should not be entertaining the idea of a monogamous/exclusive relationship if you’re under the age of 29…unless the girl happens to be older than you are (+ 30).

Your 20’s should be dedicated to having fun, screwing as much women as you can without drowning in pussy, partying, getting drunk with no strings attached and just being a heathen at the highest order!

You should NOT be tied and locked down in an exclusive relationship while so young.

Women in their 20’s sort of understand this.

Men don’t!

Women understand that their 20’s ought to be taken with less gravity and less seriousness, but more so based on fun and frolic.

This doesn’t mean that women in their 20’s don’t find themselves locked into exclusive relationships.

Every girl, by the time she hits high school, would’ve already had a boyfriend or 2.

The difference here is that a girl in her 20’s knows very well that it is in her best interest to keep her options open…and she does!

Even if she’s 21 years of age and locked into an exclusive relationship, she will always keep her options in men open!

Does the average 21 year young male do the same?


Once he’s in a relationship, he’s all in.

If he once had options by virtue of the female friends whom he chatted with prior to his relationship, he would’ve cut them off, essentially and foolishly eliminating all options.

In relation to the Afro-Latina girl from the screenshot atop the article, I very well knew that it would’ve been a mistake on my part to take her seriously…and she was only 21 when we met mind you.

Would she have cheated on me or dumped me?


With that, I micro-manage my expectations, keep them low and stick to the “sex only” script.

No girl in her 20’s is hot enough, sexy enough or tight enough, to make me want to go exclusive with her in monogamy.

I meet them, lay them and keep it moving.

If for whatever reason I don’t get to sleep with the girl (which happens quite often because it’s a number’s game); I cut her off and move on anyways.

For instance, if a girl comes over to my PUA-pad, my hotel, or she invites me to her place and sex doesn’t occur as a result of it: I cut her off and move on!

I cut so many women off for various reasons that I can’t even keep track of whom I cut off or why they were cut off unless I get the back story behind the girl and me.

Case in point, day before yesterday [Feb. 9th] was my birthday.

I received a myriad of text messages from countless number of girls wishing me HBD.

This was 1 girl out of quite a few whom I had no idea who she was.
[Her texts in white]


I often get messages like these from women of the near and distant past.

Some I remember. Most I don’t.

This girl claims that we used to know each other but because of 1 night I blocked and deleted her #.

Well- that isn’t strange at all.

The likely scenario was that she either came to my place (or I went to hers) but she didn’t want to have sex so I kicked her out (or left) then subsequently blocked and deleted her # from that 1 incident, that 1 night.

This goes to show how mercenary my frame is when it comes to women and sex: “Either we’re fucking or there’s nothing”.

There’s no middle ground neither.

As far as age is concerned, whenever I chat up a girl, my age is never a deterrent factor for her.

I don’t look at my age as a deal-breaker; neither does she.

Though I have a preference for MILF’s over the age of 36 [I’m 34 for that matter], the women whom I attract and most often sleep with, range anywhere from between ages 18 to 25.

My age is the least of my problems.

When it is all said and done and you break down my method of pickup, 4 frames stand out.

* I set the criteria for our engagement

* Sex is the only reason for our engagement

* I don’t tolerate girls getting all emotional and clingy

* Age is truly just as #

Here’s an interesting video that I came across on the 33 Secrets’ Youtube channel, which deals with the issue of men who are questioning whether they can still pick up young girls while in their 30’s and 40’s.

What's your view?

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