Epic Failure


Now, this guy was so EPIC, I had to take a screenshot of this yesterday.

He got rejected, not particularly because the girls were married (which they aren’t because I personally know both of them and they are spinsters), but he got rejected because he tried to pick up the girl publicly on Facebook…on her status!

On top of that; he was hitting on her/them, doing exactly what I told you guys NOT to do in my most recent video. One of those girls may very well had been interested. But because of being put on the spot, they had no choice but to reject the guy.

If he were a drop-dead handsome 10, which I have no verification that he isn’t, the outcome would’ve been the same: rejection.

One thought on “Epic Failure

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  1. Nice tips. I’ve never really used social media for pickup, but I can see the false disqualifiers working just as well there to create attraction and interest.


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