The Media Really Doesn’t Understand Pickup: More Roosh V Fallouts


The media and pickup are no friends whatsoever.

I’ve said this years ago but many seem to not understand.

The mainstream will never accept pick-up artistry as a way to dating.

It kills me when guys in pickup, companies and lone wolves, seek to gain acceptance from the mainstream media, but undoubtedly get fucked in the rear end by the same media that featured them to begin with.

The mainstream media gets it wrong all the time when they equate pickup to some form of rape method.

My Asian buddy from Vancouver, Canada, Jan, of Jan Lifestyle, posted a link about Roosh Valizadeh to Facebook yesterday, where he (Jan) was mentioned along with Roosh as seedy characters in the pick-up world, teaching men how to hate, harass and manipulate women.

A gross mis-characterization of both guys and pick-up in itself.

How can one be a pick-up artist yet hate women at the same time is beyond me…but that’s for another article!

The article link which was posted by Jan, was not only disgusting and downright scandalous, but the publisher gets it wrong all of the time!

The blatant biasness was blaring in the vancitybuzz article which can be seen here.

I guess on the bright side- if there’s any- coming from that article- is the exposure that Jan received, though it was character-assassination in my book.


What's your view?

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