Roosh, RooshV, Daryush Valizadeh: Did He Finally F$#k Himself Up?

Off the heels of the Julien Blanc global explosion and implosion little over a year ago, my former nemesis, Roosh V, not long afterwards, became the next villain in the pick-up and game world to go global…and I don’t mean in a good way.

Everyone who’s been around here since the beginning would’ve known about my public fights with Roosh V on social media and throughout the game-sphere.

In fact, when the war between Roosh and I popped off in late 2012, I published a string of posts, back to back, taking shots at RooshV.

My disagreement with Roosh Valizadeh was never on game/pickup.

Admittedly; I have no issues with Roosh’s teachings on pickup, and I have been a subscriber to his writings since his personal blog first launched many years ago.

I just don’t subscribe to his politics and Right-Winged world views. But pick-up wise; I love his shit!

Roosh and I had issues because of some catty shit he did on Twitter, among other things which pissed me off.

Nevertheless, I squashed our beef, primarily because of the urging of other guys within the so-called Manopshere who seen our war as a bad look for guys who were looking to learn game from our writings.

Hence, I relented.

In light of that, I held no animosity towards Roosh (Roosh Valizadeh), the DC bachelor.

However, I believe that his radical politics have caught up to him.

What actually fucked Roosh from the beginning are Right-Wing nuts like his cohort, Roissy, better known as Chateau Heartiste, who seemed to have dragged RooshV into the politics of men’s affair, but on a radical level.

This all spawned the Men’s Rights Movement (MRM); a so-called movement for men, which was supposed to be the answer to feminism.

However, even Roosh himself ultimately came to face the reality and admit that the Men’s Rights Movement is a pile of crap that could never rival feminism, nor could it defend men 1 bit.

Nevertheless, Roosh was seduced into, and radicalized by the Men’s Rights nut-job movement, of which he was a co-founder if I’m not mistaken.

It was all fine and well while he stuck to teaching pickup. But as Roosh got lured deeper and deeper into the Right-Winged politics, partly aided on nut-job losers such as Heartiste, I could’ve foreseen an ultimate shit-storm and end to Roosh’s career.

It was just a matter of time until shit caught up to RooshV. And as I stated before; it was never about his game and pick-up ideologies.

Women, or feminists weren’t mad at Roosh for his views on dating and hooking up!

Roosh’s take on dating is no different than mines, nor any other guy who teaches pickup!

The anti-women sentiments, and anti-political system rhetoric were what eventually done Roosh in.

Women have no problems with men who teach how to get laid!

For crying out loud; women are the biggest supporters of PUA’s in that women advocate for men to man up and approach them…which is what we teach in pickup.

However, to incite and launch and almost all-out war against feminists was an ass-backwards move from the gate!


I abhor feminism just as ardently as Roosh does. But you don’t see me shouting that shit from atop Mt. Everest, or creating blogs from which to attack feminists!

Hence, Roosh might have bit off more than he could chew. Well- he actually did.

Now the question is: is/was RooshV looking fame?

Was this all just a publicity stunt as was the case with Julien Blanc who actually wanted to be the world’s villain?

Was Roosh Valizadeh saying the shit he said just for reaction and stir (though the media as usual misconstrue things and take them out of context)?

In any case, shit has hit the fan for him.

Yesterday, I received a link from a longtime subscriber of mines, The Food and Wine Hedonist, to a post on the Daily Mail which broke news of the new reality for Roosh V as he has now been receiving more death threats than OJ Simpson.

His living address has been published, his phone # and all, and this may get pretty ugly for him.


Not only that but they are mulling over whether to ban Roosh from Australia, England and Canada (politicians in said countries were recently petitioned about this).

Here’s the link to the Daily Mail which was shared with my by the Food and Wine Hedonist.

We’ll see how this unfolds within the coming days and weeks.

One thought on “Roosh, RooshV, Daryush Valizadeh: Did He Finally F$#k Himself Up?

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  1. Not wanting to jump in the fray at all, but it’s kinda funny that here’s this “successful ladies man” who literally lives in his mom’s basement. And the whole legal rape thing – isn’t rape unnecessary if you you can get any woman you want to have consensual sex with you?


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