How To Get A Girl On Tagged.Com…For Sex [The Shortcut You Never Took Advantage Of]


Among my many sexual exploits on social-media sites such as Facebook, is actually 1 of my favorite-online spots to pick up girls easily.

If you’re unfamiliar with Tagged, it is 1 of those quasi-dating/social-media websites which was overshadowed by Facebook as the Facebook mammoth hit the scene.

Prior to the launch and subsequent book of Facebook, was “the” online social-media giant trailing Myspace and possibly Hi5.

Interestingly enough, my brother back in New York City was the one who introduce me to Tagged, which completely went unnoticed to me as I was content with meeting women outside of the internet.

The hidden beauty about Tagged, though it’s a social-media platform, it operates as a quasi-dating site where people often frequent to meet new people.

Hence, Tagged is literally used in order to meet, date and hook up, which is a far cry from actual social-media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter which aren’t “let’s get to know each other” platforms.

Okay, presuming that you already have a account, which is why you happened to have stumbled upon this article through a Google search, I’ll spare you the tedious details of how the service and interface work.

There are 3 main features on Tagged which often go unnoticed by its male users.

How do I know this? Because I’m equally as guilty just as any other guy, of being ignorant to these ingenious shortcuts to getting laid on Tagged.

Also, from consultations with other dudes who use this platform, I was able to confirm that they too never took great notice of these 3 main features as far as their importance towards getting girls on Tagged.

What are those 3 main top-secret features which one can easily access with a basic account…might I add?

1.) Who recently viewed your profile

2.) Matches & Meet Me

3.) Who likes you

Matches/”Meet Me” on Tagged


The matches and meet me feature I assume is similar to that of Tinder’s…though I never used Tinder in my life so I can’t confirm with certainty.

Likely than not, the matches feature is akin to Tinder’s, and the system’s algorithm sort of does the work for you, based on your profile settings, info and so forth.

Guys generally take this feature for granted, just as I did for all these years.

For instance, the system would match me with numerous girls, 75% to my liking and specs, but that is as far as it went because I would disregard the match findings and move on to search for random hotties nevertheless.

Most male users usually do the same also.

Since men are hunters by nature and adaptation, we take a liking to the idea of hunting for the girl we want, rather than have her handed to us.

Hence, we tend to gloss over the matches which Tagged provides us based on our profile, and gingerly go about our business.

In hindsight; this is crazy insane!

Why pass up on women who fit your criteria, to then go through a tedious search and find mission, combing through tens of dozens of profiles just to find the same women whom Tagged already provided you as matches?

The no-brainer approach is to begin there and take advantage of your matches just as I’ve been doing over the past 8 months or so.

Just to touch on the “meet me” feature, whenever the girl matches, she can tap a button which will send you a notification telling you that so and so is waiting to meet you.

The below screenshot is a great example from my Tagged profile, where I received notification that so and so girl is waiting to meet me.


That is clearly a surefire way to discern who is into you and who is possible not.

Who Likes You


Another feature which I totally ignored for years is the “like” feature.

It is a quick-screening procedure or play, where Tagged presents you random profiles of the opposite sex (presuming your heterosexual), where you flip through a bunch of random profiles by tapping like, based on what you physically see in the girls’ profiles picture.

Since men are visually stimulated creatures as far as looks are concerned, this ‘tap like’ feature is a no-brainer.

With that, if the girl on whose photo/profile you tapped like, fancies you, she is encouraged to hit like in return (that’s if she partakes in this feature)- and bingo- you 2 match!

The Tagged system would then send you notification that so-and-so likes you or has tapped like on your profile.

Hence, it is a shortcut to screen who’s into you and who isn’t.

However- again- most men neglect to even play this feature let alone act upon it.

In a microcosm, what this is actually saying (neglecting to respond to your likes) is that you’re rejecting girls who are (in)directly telling you that they like you!

How many possible lays and chances at getting girls have slipped out of your hands just by neglecting to respond to your likes?

Insane when you think about it, right?

Who recently viewed your Profile


Another great feature, a free feature might I add, arguable the best in my estimation, is the “who viewed your profile” feature.

Unlike Facebook which bars this feature because of privacy concerns I gather, you can actually see which girls (or guys) been snooping around and checking you out but are too timid to send you a personal message.

This is a great fucking feature which I’d been utilizing to get quick sex on Tagged for many years now!

It is the shortest shortcut among shortcuts!

It is the biggest IOI/SOI (Sign of Interest) as we pick-up artists would term it, coming from women on Tagged, excluding an all-out message.

Without a doubt, if a girl had viewed your profile (unsolicited), 9 in 10 times, this would indicate some sort of interest on her part…or at least curiosity about you.

Why else would she had checked out your profile, right?

“Hint, Hint”!

Assume interest because there likely is.

Action steps towards getting a girl on Tagged

Now here’s the thing, and the part where most guys foolishly go wrong again: they assume that if a girl actually likes them, she would message them.


Whether you match, whether she hits like on your profile photo, whether she’s been viewing your profile over the previous days, or whether she hits the “I would like to meet you button”- chances are- she will NOT take the initiative to message you!

As a man, it is actually foolish to expect and to want to believe that a woman should and will take the initiative to actively pursue you (i.e. message you)!

Why won’t she?

Women aren’t hunters and aren’t chasers (of men)!

Men do the courting and chasing! Not women!

Hence, no matter how much she fancies you and how often she views your Tagged profile; she will NOT send you a private message!

You on the other hand will have to do that yourself bro.

You already have 80% of the game won thanks to algorithm and free features.

You already know that the girl likes you.

Now it is up to you to complete the menial 20% towards getting laid on Tagged.

The hidden beauty here opposed from if you were randomly browsing profiles, is that since the girl would have already indicated her fondness of you, there isn’t much work for you to do as far trying to generate and build attraction, because the girl is already attracted to you by virtue of the fact that she manually hit like on your Tagged profile pic, or she had matched up.

That is 80% of the work done by Tagged itself and the girl herself!

She’s attracted to you, and she admittedly likes you!

Hence, there is no real need for you to have to game the girl as if it were a cold-approach situation where you would have been required to build attraction from scratch via game and social skills.

The only time you need game per se, in order to meet, pick up and sleep with girls on Tagged, is if you randomly message girls while browsing profiles through the browse pane.

That would have essentially been a cold approach pick-up attempt where you would have to spark interest out of thin air with the girl…granted this is how I pick up 99.5% of girls on Tagged anyway…but that’s because I’m a master pick-up artist who’s been doing this shit for many years. 😉 🙂

Be as it may, your work has been made easier for you, thanks to those 3 features mentioned above, so it is pretty much up to you to not fuck it up by being a boring lame.

Your next move is simply to message the girl(s) whom you like in return, and those whom Tagged had matched you up with based on what you’re looking for, your interests and so forth.

There are of course times when Tagged would match you with women who aren’t to your liking. And also cases where girls who viewed your profile aren’t to your liking neither.

You can simply ignore those and only message the ones to your liking.

Also, before actually going ahead to message the girl, you can take another strategy out of my nifty playbook and comment on her Tagged status/update, or leave a comment on a photo or 2 of hers. 🙂

What this does is that it sort of teases her [in a good way] and let’s her know that you know that she likes you.

Okay, so how would you go about doing this?

Instead of inboxing her firstly, elect to leave a comment on her photo or most recent status, while putting off your would-be initial message for the following day.

She will likely respond to your comment and say to herself, “Wait a minute! I just checked out his profile the other day but didn’t have the cojones to contact him. Our liking must be mutual since he’s now reaching out to me”!

Then you can go ahead and inbox her after she would have responded to your comment on her pic or status update!

Mind you: this step is completely optional.

You do not actually have to comment on her stuff before sending her a message.

Look at it as a bit of flirting before going for the kill [the inbox message].

Note: what kind of comment should you leave on her pic or status?

Please ensure that it isn’t any ass-kissing, complementing, “you are so pretty” comment!

Read this recent post of mines to get a great idea of what not to do and what to do as it pertains to commenting on hot girl’s photos.

When all that would’ve been done; then message the girl(s)!

I must reiterate: since she already likes you, and has indirectly indicated so, your initial message does NOT have to be gamey neither elaborate.

Here are some censored screenshots of countless of random hotties from last year whom I messaged on Tagged, all of whom I picked up, and some of whom I slept with.
[My messages in gray. Girl’s in white]


By the way, “liming” (such as a lime) is a Caribbean English term meaning “hanging out” or to frequent.









If you’re used to my work- or better yet my hobby- you would clearly notice from the chatlogs that this is as non-gamey as it gets for me.

Shoot straight for 2 points when you do message the girl as you would’ve noticed from my chats:

1.) Let’s get to know each other/meet up

2.) Grab a phone number

Generally, this would be a non-ideal and counterproductive strategy (shooting for those 2 points straight away) since not much rapport was built.

It is a strategic blunder to go for the phone number within such short span of time (minutes of exchanging messages).

However, I got away with straight shooting, and you too will get away with it, because of what I mentioned throughout this segment of the article: the girl already likes me so there’s no need to prolong grabbing the inevitable phone number.

I also want to caution you that the theme of your messages such remained based on the 2 bulletpoints above (and below):

1.) Suggesting a meet-up

2.) Exchanging phone numbers

You are not contacting the girl just to chitchat, neither to become her texting-pals!

You’re looking to get laid on Tagged, get dates on Tagged, and ultimately get a girlfriend from Tagged, or the option of becoming an ardent dater for casual encounters.

With that in mind, your approach should be strictly business from your messages.

After you will have gotten her phone number, then is where you will have needed to have some form of gamey and attraction-filled text-game structure in order to hold the girl’s attention before you 2 meet up for a date or “netflix and chill”. 😈

If you need some pertinent examples of how to text girls, you will want to check out the following 2 videos of mines.

For more tactics on how to pick up girls on any online-dating site, you can grab your copy of my renown e-product, Kenny’s PUA Online Dating Method.

It is centered around getting laid on Plenty of Fish. But every single tip and tweak is applicable to any online-dating site.

5 thoughts on “How To Get A Girl On Tagged.Com…For Sex [The Shortcut You Never Took Advantage Of]

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  1. Question for you bro. Do you have any experience of long distance text? I met this girl on tagged. Moved it to texting instantly. She live in Texas & I’m in Philly. Funny thing is that I have a family trip in May to Texas. So only 2 months away.

    I’ve ALWAYS been the one to say FCUK a LDR but this girl is a 9.5 & the vibe n chemistry is there of course. How often should I hit her up? I already made my sexual & funny side known from the jump. I can’t flirt everyday with a chick I can’t see for months it’s pointless.

    What kind of game do I use? boyfriend game? Any examples you have would be a big help.


  2. Guys are so lame. I hope you all catch aids & die a very painful penis death.


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