Take It Or Leave It Frame [Big Boobs Mean Nothing]

Hey guys, previous article, I concluded on the note of “take it or leave it”, where I spoke about the attitude in which you should embody when trying to hook up with women.

Here’s a little tidbit on that note: if a girl ever so slightly senses that you ‘need’ her; she will fuck with your head!

If she for a second gets the impression that all of your eggs are in 1 basket- her basket- she will not only mess with your head, but she will lose interest altogether.

Therefore, it is incumbent upon you to give the girl the impression through text, telephone or in person, that you do not need her.

Not only that, but you are willing to stick to your guns even if it means calling things off altogether.

Case in point; weeks ago on Facebook, I picked up a random hottie who has the most luscious tits I’ve laid eyes on in a long time.

With that: I ingeniously nicknamed her “Big Boobs”. 😉

Here’s the deal: I’ve had this cat in the bag for a while, and sex with her is a forgone conclusion. However, because I have many chicks in the pipeline of which to bang, hooking up with this big-boobed girl kept being bumped back.

Days ago though, I was surprisingly bored as hell 1 morning- and overly horny and up for a blowjob- I contacted her.
[My texts in green. Hers in white]


Now here’s the thing; this girl and I had frame-battled over the subject of oral sex before.

Her position is clear: she claims that she doesn’t suck cock, thus doesn’t want to give me a blowjob if I were to go see her…though sex is in the bag.

My position is also clear: I want my cock sucked, thus I won’t go see her unless she commits to sucking.

We’re now at a stalemate!

She wants me to give her cunnilingus without giving me a blowjob.

Not fair!

Most guys however would still go see the girl, satisfy her desires and put his on the back-burner just to get laid.

I have no issues with that.

There are times where I have yielded and gone through anyway.

Mostly though, if the DTF girl doesn’t commit to my sexual needs; I would call off the sex altogether.



No- really- such a move ties into the theme of this post, which is there are times when and where you should stick to your guns and “take it or leave it”.

For certain; this chick has been DTF. But I can take it or leave.

That is my attitude with her and with women in general.

If I don’t get my needs met: I call it off!

Women do this all the time!

Hence, you must also play hardball and be willing to sacrifice easy sex just to get a salient point across.

On a final note, with abundance of women in your life from whom to choose from, no single girl will ever hold you hostage with sex.


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