The Mechanics Of Stopping Girls On The Streets [stopping girls who are wearing earphones]

Since it’s been snowing cats and dog on the East Coast, United States, approaching women on the streets doesn’t look like a viable option to meeting women.

In any case, if you’re willing to brave the brutal Winter in order to get poon from the streets, getting girls to stop will have come in as a handy tactic.

A common point of contention I come across in this field is the “how do I get her to stop while she has in earphones” question?

Guys find this to be an extremely difficult and nerve-wrecking task [stopping girls with earphones in and headphones on].

The fear of this task is compounded by the fact that women are rumored to stuff their ears with earphones just to keep guys away.

This however isn’t entirely true.

Women are trying to keep certain type of guys at bay: the low-valued urchins who approach entirely wrong.

On the other hand, women have no problem with being approached by a guy with the correct frame: a guy who gets it.

Here are some still-shots from an older video of mines where I demonstrated “stopping girls who have in earphones on the streets”.






The routine which was illustrated and demonstrated in the stills by me, is that of stopping the girl from head on while she walked towards me.

I simply motioned to her with a finger as if to say, “1 second”!

In conjunction with that, I stood directly in her path but about 10-15 yards away in order not to freak her out.

As you can see from the 1st still shot, I was about 10 yards in front of her while motioning with my finger by simply pointing my index at her with a curious yet pleasant look on my face.

By standing directly in her path (yet at a safe distance), she is forced to slower and halt.

This has to be done at the correct time with precision timing or else the girl will simply walk on by and leave you there standing.

Hence, timing is imperative!

A split second late; the girl continues to walk!

This is why you must attempt to stop her from about 10-15 yards away (in front of her) where she can clearly see you trying to stop her.

By standing directly in her path, it emphasizes the fact that you’re trying to get her attention by stopping her.

Attempt this too late (from any closer) and she’ll walk right on, by side-stepping you.

Another crucial tip I want to point out is that of facial expression.

Most guys do not have nor keep a pleasant and welcoming facial expression while out and about.

As men, we were conditioned and even taught to believe that we must walk around looking dominant, strong and unflinching.

Thus, most guys keep their facial dispositions and expressions either blank or uninviting so as to not appear weak and docile.

This however kills most men in street-game when trying to stop and chat up girls while out and about!

You must have a pleasant face! And I don’t mean that as far as your facial composition: good-looking or bad-looking. I mean that you should look welcoming and inviting in your body language and facial expression if you intend for women to stop and talk to you.

This is where the lost art of smiling comes in.

Yes- smiling!

Simply smiling when approaching and trying to stop women, will urge them to stop and hear you out as they deem you non-threatening.

However, if you’re approaching and trying to stop girls on the streets with a face of stone and aggressive body language, not only will they not stop, but if they do, it is merely because they feel threatened.

Therefore, having a smile and an inviting facial expression while stopping a girl on the streets, coupled with the fact that your timing is precise (10-15 yards away), you are likely to get her to stop out of sheer curiosity if nothing else.

On a final note, and this is just as important; you want to stop her while being directly in front of her as much as possible.

Don’t position yourself off to the side while trying to stop her or she will likely just walk by you…even if she sees you trying to get her attention.

Being off to the side (as she approaches) is the likely approach to utilize whenever the girl doesn’t have her ears stuffed with music. In such a case [the girl isn’t wearing earphones], you want to attempt to stop her from off to the side somewhat (even if she’s coming towards you).

If everything is aligned correctly, there is no reason for the girl to not acknowledge you.

If she truly cannot stop, she’ll at least let that be known somehow while walking by you.

If she isn’t doing shit- and most girls aren’t doing shit- she will stop and remove her earphones…as long as your approach is correct: pleasant, fun, humorous and or inviting.


How often do I get girls to stop while they’re “supposedly” listening to music?

A whopping of the time!

In fact; I can’t recall a situation ever, where a girl hadn’t stopped and removed her earphones upon being approached by me.

Hence, the notion that women with earphones in/on, and the ones listening to music do not want to be bothered or stopped, is just another urban legend that has men intimidated to approach.

11 thoughts on “The Mechanics Of Stopping Girls On The Streets [stopping girls who are wearing earphones]

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      1. Yes. Most guys ask random or as I’d like to call them stupid questions. “What time is it?” I point at them and say so the phone you have in your hand doesn’t tell you the time?


  1. Yup, you’re frame and approach is key in this situation. I’ve opened women on the side while sitting next to them on the subway and they remove their earphones because my approach is friendly. Most of the time, whatever they are listening isn’t blasting so can still hear clearly and well aware of what’s going on around them. They are just filtering out guys who are not willing to approach them or aren’t calibrated. If you’re not calibrated, she will simply ignore you and not remove her earphones.

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    1. Since you’re in NYC Will, I get guys in the city asking me about opening girls on the subway. And you made a good point which solidifies mines…that the girl will almost always remove the earphones. It beats me why guys are deterred from opening anyway, believing that the girl wouldn’t pay them any mind.


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