The Death Of Casanova Crew [RIP]

JTR aka J Rippa

Another gloomy day in the pick-up community as J the Rippa (JTR) has decided to bury Casanova Crew and put it to rest. 😦

In a way; I sort of seen it coming since its activity was dwindling over the last year particularly.

If you aren’t familiar with CC (Casanova Crew), it is PUA group based in Orange County, California [group, forum and company], its founder being my long-time buddy, JTR (J The Rippa), the Mexican.

Though The Casanova Crew is California-based, I was probably the only PUA on their forum who wasn’t from California, albeit hailing from the East Coast [NYC].

I’ve been a forum member since 2011, but because of excessive trolling among that group, including my feud and beef with long-time arch-nemesis, Mike Squattin’ Cassanova, I lost interest and quit posting a few years back.


I haven’t logged in for years (just today), hence the whopping 213 unread PM messages in my inbox on the CC forum. 😯 😯


Though a non-Californian PUA, I felt that I fit in nicely and was accepted by those guys over there.

The thing is about the seduction/pickup community: politics rule…just as in every facet of life.

If you’re not cool with so-and-so, then you won’t get far in this area of the game and so forth.

The only time there’s some semblance of PUA unity is at conventions and global gatherings.

In spite of the politics (the fact that I wasn’t a California PUA), I was still accepted by those guys…for the most part…except by Mike.

With that being said, Casanova Crew dying was not unexpected.

I knew it was inevitable, more so because JTR lost passion for up-keeping the group.

On that note, I leave you with 2 of my favorite episodes of the JTR podcast show from some years back.

Note: the episodes are in .mp3 format and the links below are directly downloadable. Or you can simply listen to the episodes by clicking the links below.

“The fall of the PUA industry [2012]”

“Psyche and the choking incident [2010]”

RIP Casanova Crew!

The Eulogy written by JTR himself (yesterday).

It’s no secret that Casanova Crew has been dead.

It’s been dead for a couple years now. 

Once the single largest PUA Lair in the world(we preferred the word ‘crew) boosting over 4,000 full fledged hardcore members, in just a few years, it completely collapsed. 

If you weren’t part of the scene from 2007-2011 here in Southern California, I don’t really think there’s anyway to describe the anomaly that happened here.

The unique thing was that we weren’t just an online group. The majority of us knew each other in real life from sarging out in the clubs in Hollywood, to the clubs in Las Vegas and pretty much anywhere beautiful women were at. We’d read each others FR/LR’s and actually get to see who was learning, who was killing it, and who was full of shit.

We started out as 10 friends going out to try this “pua stuff” in my living room in West Covina, CA, and within a matter of 2 years had several thousand as part of the crew. It blew up so quickly we had to start several chapters in different cities where members could meet up, make new friends and wings, and just basically meet like minded individuals.

Gooroo’s eventually jumped on the bandwagon and started attending and speaking at our events due to the unbelievably huge turn outs we drawing. We even helped create stars, giving Kino5000, Arash Dibazar and Squatting’ Casanova their first public exposure in front of a live and rowdy crowd. 

Rather than just pull the plug on it completely, I wanted to send this message to anyone who was ever part of this unique regional underground movement, which resembled more of a street gang than the Casanova’s we portrayed to be.

Towards the end of this article I will also give my top 6 most important things I learned in pickup during the last 10 years.

My right hand man was Hydro, whom without, the CC OC scene would have never developed so quickly. He held up the OC Casanova Crew team, I ran Hollywood, becoming the first and only promoter dedicating to getting aspiring CC’ers into clubs whom would otherwise never be let in, Capt Hook always hosted our OG events 2007-2014 (it was well known that ‘you ain’t shit’ unless you’ve spoken at Capt. Hook’s Studio)and Steamroller and Caz were the IE territory go to guys. Nate Hanager was team lead in Santa Monica and handled the Beach Areas, Lambchop led the Northern CA scene, The Ninja, Solor, and Buddha ran San Diego w/ Kino 5000 until the Sexter scandal broke out. Envy led both CC Boston and New York at the same time.

We swore our allegiance to CC, and for most of us, it was the only thing that we could really believe in, or had ever believed in; in the constant flux of cheap PUA marketers promising outrageous results, outright lies, and manipulative money hungry gooroo’s, it was hard to decipher fact from fiction.

The only thing we knew for sure was that “we” were for real. We knew who was good, we knew who was all talk, and we all strived not only to be experts at game, but also improve other areas of life such as self-help staples, wealth and money management. It wasn’t just about picking up chicks, we were in this to improve ourselves in everyway imaginable, whether it be physically, mentally, emotionally even spiritually. 

I went from a dead end job to going to school, and getting a career in IT; it was something I always put on the back burner, but CC gave me the motivation to get shit done.

We all had each other’s back, and ready to fuck up anyone who dared to mess with our members. Lots of bloodshed was seen, from fights with drunken jealous boyfriends, asshole bouncers, hater promoters who despised CC’ers for macking on their chicks, and even rival PUA sarge crews. At times, it resembled the fucking Mafia. 

Some of the contemporary PUA Crew’s back in the day were The Good Hand Brothers, Johnny Wolf’s “SoCal Lair” (which later become Sexual Chocolate’s site) The Golden Nuggets, Santa Monica Lair, The Mrs. Robinson Club (dedicated to young dudes banging MILF’s), Sophie’s Choices, P-L-A-Y-Los Angeles, P-L-A-Y Orange County, and “Leo Gorcey & The Dirty Filthy Player’s” just to name a few. 

Death threats and assassination attempts were quite real, as you can hear about on the Casanova Crew JTR podcasts.

If there’s enough interest I’ll even write a fucking book.

In 2007, we would see gooroo’s out in the field, such as Matador, APB, Mystery, Kosmo,fat Joe Doyle, BradP, and Owen Cook (aka Tyler Durden from The Game). But for the most part we had our own superstars in our group whom we believed to be every bit as good and if not better than the characters in The Game.

Names like Blue, Malta, Hydro, Joker, Khan, KillerKhan, James Sullivan, Grandma, Hawk, Kurse, Decibel, Captian Hook, Action, Faze, Muse, Jack, Lysander, Shakeshi, Godfather, TBK, Steamroller, and dozens (I will try to name as many of you as I can at the end of this article)of others including yours truly, became regional cult favorite F-Level celebrities, as we would demonstrate game to the newbies, and coach them for free. We earned our reps every night, because after all, our slogan was that “you’re only as good as your last approach”. 

CC was free. We weren’t a company (though I did try to turn it into a quasi-business later on). It was a place for lonely guys shit out of luck with girls to come and have a shot at the impossible.

The gooroo’s whose products we had studied endlessly all of the sudden became less important; we saw each other in action, we knew who was pulling, who was getting all the makeouts, who held the finger bang record for the night, so on and so forth. 

Witnessing something with your own eyes versus just reading about some guy you never met before was a powerful thing. I’d put my money on Blue, the greatest PUA I ever saw in action, up against anyone who ever tried PUA. 

The most underrated guy in the crew was Grandma; you should have been a bigger deal dude; but anyone here who was there will admit, early 2008 was all you.

Steamroller, my best friend and loyal to a fault, went from being the guy who always got laughed at, to one of the most colorful, infamous and outspoken guy in the crew. You were always good to me man, sorry if I wasn’t always the same way back.

Kurse, my co-founder, who would have thought we’d end up here? 2006 seems like just yesterday; you’re the guy that introduced me to the club scene, and probably the most ballsy guy in the crew. Much respect, sir.

But there was no real competition between any of us. The cool thing I think was that we were a brotherhood of dudes trying to bang as many girls as we could before we got old (or some of us being old and trying to fuck girls before “they” got old). We all helped each other out, gave constructive criticisms and I highly stressed that we leave no man behind; we were all equals and respected each other for having the balls to come out every night and put their ego on the line, man up, and talk to girls you want to fuck. The more experienced guys had no problem teaching the newbs, and you’d see the most bizzare combination of friends from all races, ages, and backgrounds. It was pretty fucking amazing.

We would post up our calendar of events on the Casanova Crew website, and welcomed new guys to wherever most of us would be hanging. It wasn’t uncommon to see 30+ Casanova Crew members in the same venue, vying after all the hot girls. We rarely stepped on each other’s toes, and in fact helped wing the best we could. We had the mentality of “If I cant get laid tonight, I’m gonna make my wing look like a million bucks and help him get laid”.

Strong friendships and bonds developed, and most of us started hanging out socially without the “PUA mindset” and just did stuff as normal people, merging our social circles, networking for career advancement and shit like all pitching in to watch Wrestlemania on PPV or the Superbowl.

There’s literally thousands of stories that I’d love to tell, but you can find most of them in the So Cal PUA Archive, You can read all the classic FR’s/LR’s from the glory days and perhaps gain some insight.

I’ve seen fucked up shit, I’ve done fucked up shit (fucked two best friends unbeknownst to my primary in the same night within hours of each other….using the same dirty condom. Taking a barefoot college girl back to fuck in my Celica; she stepped on dog shit, and I took off my sock, dipped it the left over vodka I had in the back seat so I could help her clean the shit from between her toes, and then fucking her in the pussy and butthole, confusing what smelled like dogshit and her own shit dripping off my throbbing cock. 

One thing I am happy about is that I got to expereince every single perverted, degrading, and just plain fucked up shit that I ever wanted to experience with a girl. All terra firma has been deeply explored and exploited, and if I were to die tomorrow, I would be fine with it. The last 10 years of my life were fucking amazing; I lived 50 life times in the span of 10 years. Having sex with more chicks than you can count doesn’t necessarily make you a better person or more superior to someone else; but, for those who lived it, it feels pretty fucking cool being able to walk into any room or crowd and know that chances are you’ve fucked more than any dude there.

At our most obsessed phases, we actually kept Excel spread sheets of all the girls we fucked, including stats like meet to fuck time ratio, race/nationality, age, attractiveness level, and shit like that. I think I still have mine on some old hard drive but I stopped keeping track after 50. We’d cross reference spreadsheets often, often finding out many of us had had sex with the same girls (that was always fun to discover  )

Here’s a few tips I think can help some of you newbies cut some corners and get good fast (competency within a year). These are the things we actually did.

1.No excuses. Go out at LEAST 3 times a week, on consecutive nights, and have at least 5 things you need to work on. For example, keeping conversations going, opening up sets, getting makeouts or defeating approach anxiety (which btw never goes away, but becomes easier to deal with when you know you’re the shit). Kurse and I did a 30 day non stop consecutive sargeathon. I got so good so fast during those 30 days that I ended up fucking two girls at my job whom just weeks earlier I would think impossible (one married, the other with a long term BF). The current record holders for most consecutive nights are Hydro and Zar I believe, at over 70 consecutive nights. Make sure every night has a purpose, don’t fuck around.

2.Watch the RSD video series “Foundations”; Tyler Owen Cook is a personal friend of mine, and I believe it’s the only true relatable PUA product ever released. It’s old but it’s a classic. A must watch.

3.Fake it till you make it. Study body language of dominant alpha males and make it your own. Practice your facial expressions by looking into the mirror; a lot of dudes have weird idiosyncrasies they may not even be aware of. Examine how your smile comes across, how approachable do you seem to others, your posture and gait. I had a habit of sucking/smacking my lips I wasn’t even aware of . Ask trusted people if you have any weird quirks or habits that others might find odd or creepy. The worst thing you can do to a girl is being “creepy”.

4.Don’t waste time, and always push forward. You may not get a same night lay every night, but it is possible to get consistent makeouts, blow jobs, hand jobs, and fingerbangs. You’d be fucking shocked how commonplace this is; you just got to hit all the right switches. Read my old J The Ripper field reports from 2008-2009 for more in depth info on that. Like my my hommie BradP says, “Blow me or blow me out”…take every interaction as far as you can without being creepy or breaking the law.

5.ANYTHING is possible. I don’t care how short, ugly, fat you look, this shit is for real and if you devote most of your life to pickup you WILL get good at it, and if you aren’t consistently fucking girls within a year, then you are def doing something wrong and should join a sarge crew or take a bootcamp with dudes who you can relate to and have credible reviews. I’ve seen a short fat indian guy steal a hot solid 8 at Kress in Hollywood from a guy who thought he had it in the bag. I’ve seen an overweight rookie fuck one of the backup dancers from Destiny’s child. Things aren’t always what they seem. That number close you got 6 months ago might became an instant fuck when texted at 3am on a Saturday night saying “heyyyy”. I used to play a game I called “Ripper Roulette”; after the club was over, I’d park at the nearby Subway and text ALL the girls I number closed that night and sent a mass text, with things like “so whats up then”, or “where are you” and whomever replied back first with her address was gonna get smashed. Don’t ever get discouraged by your looks; act like you’re a 10, believe you’re a 10, and people will take you eventually as a 10. And don’t sweat your age. Kurt, the 62 year old PUA still bangs girls in their 20’s and just got his law degree. Weird shit happens out there, anything is possible, always believe.

6. Don’t be a dick by leading a girl on. Make your intentions known from the start. I’d venture to say 98% of us here wanted to learn PUA because of some lousy minx who broke our widdle hearts and made us butt hurt; remember that feeling of depression, hopelessness and dread? Don’t ever do that purposely to someone else, it’s cruel, fucked up and karma will grab you by the balls eventually.

There’s a lot of other shit I have advice on, but for that you can check out my FR/LR archive on…

In closing, I want to say that no great empire lasts forever. Rome fell, Spain tried to conquer the Americas and eventually failed, Pepperjack Doritos were discontinued, Vince Mcmahon took over and destroyed WCW, etc. 

When the punk rock movement began, arguably in 1976, by 1980 it was already on the outs with the emergence of New Wave and Heavy Metal music. Subcultures and empires come and go, it’s just the cycle of life. 

Most of the former CC members are married with kids, long term GF’s, professionals in careers such as doctors, lawyers and actors. 

Sometimes we get together, maybe have dinner or just just chill and have a drink; but it’s not the same.

Those days were real magic; it was in the air, there was an aura around all of us; completely convinced we could learn game and going out and practicing was the highlight of many of our lives, certainly in mine. I got to live out my dream of starting a sub culture (in my opinion, CC WAS the community, the keyboard jockeys on those other forums didn’t matter), though I always thought I would start one in music with my idea of “punk/doo wop” some 15 years ago.

I got to become a minor cult figure in the LA PUA scene ,hundreds have seen me demo and perform this wonderful art, and I’m glad I got to be that person if only for a few years; my alter ego, J The Ripper. 

My old FR/LR’s are now apparently cult classics, and I got to host my own radio show that was getting over 4000 listeners a week and putting Barry Kersey (aka Extramask from The Game) out of business after exposing him as a scammer in 2011.

I also organized and promoted the largest PUA event of all time, the largest roster of PUA superstars (24 coaches under the span of 3 full days) for my concept, The Ultimate Pick Up Artist Convention in Hollywood, CA 2012 at The Loews Hotel @ the Mt. Olympus Conference room. Speakers have been dudes like Neil Strauss, Mystery, Ross Jeffries, Bravo,Tyler Owen Cook, Mehow, Manwhore, VK, Matador, Brad P, DJ Fuji, Kino5000, Hydro,Asian Playboy, Jeffy Allen, Hypnotica, Lovedrop, Steve Mayeda, Squattin’ Casanova and of course the notorious Arash Dibazar whom I helped promote early in his career when I saw something special in him. 

Anyhow, that part of my life is seemingly over, I lived hard, partied hard and fucked hard. I hung on till the very end, and everyone else moved on. I became a relic in the scene, seeing everyone come and go for nearly a decade. Perhaps I should have moved on sooner? Peter Pan never gets to grow up.

Now, as for the status of Casanova Crew? I guess that all depends on you, the reader. I have a free website with a local wings section, hundreds of thousands of articles from REAL PEOPLE, not marketers, whom were gods in the field. There’s a wealth of knowledge on there, encapsulating the last 10 years of pick up in the So Cal scene.

If you guys want to revive it, Im all for it. It’s time for me to step down and give the reigns over to the next generation. I know Swiph in LA is down to form a crew, you can send him a PM in the CC forum. We also had a dude volunteer to revive the Inland Empire territory.

My dream is for one day to have CC reach it’s original heights and beyond, legitimize itself to the mainstream as a legit, unique, and bizzare subculture. And also keeping it real, free meetings, no major focus on making money and providing dudes who want to get better at life a chance, free of charge.

At the very least, someone make us a wiki-page already.

If you give a shit, start posting on CC again. If not, the site will stay up as a graveyard to what was one of the most interesting and romanticized movements in the history of sub cultures.

And thanks to those who still email me with compliments on my writing and podcasting, (I will respond to you all, I promise) fangs for the memories.

I loved Casanova Crew, it was my vision, my creation and my baby. While the gooroo’s spent hundreds of thousands and even millions to promote themselves, I didn’t need to spend anything, it was all word of mouth, real life demonstrations, and an organic cult following. 

Money can’t buy that shit. 

If you live in So Cal and want to be the NWO/ECW/GG Allin of the PUA scene, you know where to go.

-J The Ripper

“Rescue, fair lord, or else the day is lost! A horse, A horse, My kingdom for a horse!” Richard III.

Casanova Crew Founder

PS, Special thanks to David Kocher and his Frame Be With You fb page helping to keep the PUA scene alive and relevant,(I know you’ve been getting shit about how you run your crew, welcome to the club)VK the guy who took me under his wing free of charge, Leo Mange, Faran, Lord of Allure, Sexual Chocolate, Hydro, the greatest PUA from the OC, my co-founders Kurse and TBK, San Diego Legend Kino5000, Magic from Chicago who made me face shit I wasn’t prepared for, DJ Fuji for being an amazing confidant, Bravo for being himself and always awesome to see, Swiph for always being there for me, Khan for keeping me honest, Arash for his kindness and respect, Mike Squatin’ Casanova for always givin props to his CC roots, Tyler for always coming to my events when I needed him, Shakeshi my longest and dearest friend, Matador for being the most influential person I’ve ever met, and of course my CC Podcast co-hosts, Steamroller, Decibel, Jayku, Kurse, Johnny PUA Hate, Mr Pink, Volta, Lazurus Man, Dope, Leo aka Carte Blanch, my dear friends Shadow Wolf and Iambrian, John Keegan an awesome and nice dude, Johnny Wolf for not putting a hit out on me, Brooke my deceased wing girl and the only chick I’ve fucked who is now dead. Sixpack, Status66, Starkiller, Troublesome, my best Russian pal Al Smolkin Envy, Marni the Wing Girl Method, Adam Lyons, Terrance Thames, Grandma, Nazar aka Sight, El Guapo George Casas, Joel aka Jorock, Megatron, Greg Radio Clash, Simeon Moses, Nick Quick, John Kwong the most important PUA from the Hawaii PUA scene, Gigantor, Manwhore, Brother James, Techno Slaughter, Elizabeth Everett, Dorota Skrypek, Neil Strauss for saving my ass in 2012, Gudtimes, Dave Kocher for keeping the honest PUA scene alive and free of charge, Nate Hanager the most awesomest ballsy due I know and leader of the SM Crew, Cyse my hommie for life, James Sulivan for being so hung ho about the OC, by good friend Junji Kinoshita,and I left anyone out shoot me a PM and I will add you, its fuckin 1:27am here. 

Time to go to sleep.

Goodnight, all you womanizing scumbags!

5 thoughts on “The Death Of Casanova Crew [RIP]

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  1. I am a true A-1 Casanova Crew, since 1975 South Bronx Tito is my name God Father Peanut (RIP), was our leader. Love one to anyone that wants to carry the title (Casanova Crew), we still here & will continue we beat up all gangs or crews. Master Blaster, Crazy Eddie, Dicey, Fox, Cleste, Football, Trigger, Star-Ski, Bold, Big-Man, Hootnane, Buggy, Wess, Jazzy-Jay, Jay-Cee, Pom-Pom, Mike-Mike, Tricky-Trick, Bosco, Boss, Bambo, LiL-Wells, Josey-Wells, Gene, Benji, Water, Hawk-Eye, Ez-Bob, Freddie-Fred, Thanksgiven, Ez-ED, Cracker Jack, & Geraldine. too many of us!


    1. I was the founder of the Casanova Crew of the South Bronx. All of those names above are A-1. There is no other Casanova Crew. This is Nicolas Bigman Fernandez talking the truth. Listen t KRS one “South Bronx”. he said it best. There are plenty of books to read about us. Just ask about the true old school history.


  2. He seems genuine but this shit can’t continue in 2018. Youngsters are using it as a revenge tool on women , like gay bashing, lynching niggers,exterminating jews,abusing helpless animals children ,disabled and the elderly. I’M TELLING U these new PUAs they have NO respect for women and they have found a way to take them out like zombie killers and not even flinch. They don’t understand it’s pussy. They’re taking everything and using threats of fear and public outbursts to belittle them and take their money and bankrupt them until the goal ISOLATION AND HER SUICIDE . IS THE GOAL . NOT SEX PARTNER NUMBERS.


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