Community Bulletin From Mystery :A Gay PUA?

Last night was arguably 1 of the most shocking in pick-up history.

Pickup godfather and founder himself, Mystery (Erik Von Markovik of Toronto, Canada), revealed that he was being catfished by a girl named Corina Keely, who’s ‘ALLEGEDLY’ not a girl, but a fake FB profile which was ran by Wayne Jordan (‘ALLEGEDLY’), a thought-to-be master pick-up artist out of Southern California.

Mystery found out last night that all the while speaking to this Corina chick (whom he alleges is Wayne Jordan: a man), it was actually a black dude, Wayne Jordan, who is believed by Mystery to be gay.

Wayne Jordan

Here’s the notice that Mystery posted last night upon finding out that he was being catfished by Wayne Jordan (‘ALLEGEDLY’), pretending to be a hot blonde name Corina Keely.



Shocking day for ME today. A dude pretending to be a girl catfished me like a fucking faggola.

Ready for THIS? This guy!!! This f’n guy, Wayne Jordan. PUAs, you all know him right? If you do, you may want to know what this jackass has been doing …

Wayne Jordan, who, it turns out, is a faggula (and no disrespect to faggula’s, my brother pitches for them so hey, respect) is hiding out in the community firstly as a straight guy… has been trolling people (and me) posing as a GIRL and chatting up PUAs around the world pretending to be a cute chick. Fo REAL.


How shameful is it to pretend to be a girl and troll guys uisng pretty girl pix in his/her/its profile to trick people into thinking they are chatting with a GIRL. What shameful behavior.

Now I am calling this BIG BLACK MAN OUT.

Today is SHAME DAY. Shame on you Wayne Jordan.

He is supposedly friends with some of my friends and I dont know if THEY know this, but its time we all found this out.

Please forward this to all PUA groups far and wide as this guy has been interacting with PUAs (have you met him? comments welcome) and pretending to be straight and teach pickup, give pickup advice, etc, all because he is gay (again, whatever be gay) but to be gay and pretend to be a girl in order to chat up straight men by hiding as a girl is INSANE. I am ASHAMED of you Wayne Jordan. This is unconscionable. Shame on this man.

Do you know him? Have you met him? Did you know that he has been making fake facebook profiles, posing as a girl, and catfishing? He goes by the name Corina Keeley.

This girl is not real. the photos are of some girl named Brittany I believe. He’s been drawing out intimate stories from men, including me.

I’ve had personal issues and had been venting to someone I thought was a cute chick who I was told took an active interest in learning pickup knowledge (which I found to be cool) based on fake photos and messages that tricked me. I spoke about my family problems as ‘she’ allowed me to disclose personal issues in my life (including my missing my children and my paralyzed brother’s situation, etc).

I have found out others have been TRICKED by this f’n guy … if you know him, please know that he may have posed as a girl to you – even as a friend to you, he may have posed as agirl to you AS WELL. Look in your friend list and see if there are any girls you THINK are girls but havent actually met in real life that may in fact be this dude. Gross shamefultrickery. I am ashamed of you Wayne Jordan.

It turns out he’s not a PUA, he is in fact GAY (which now makes sense looking at his photos (see photos to identify the man)) and has been teaching pickup for money to unsuspectingmen while ALSO chatting with them using fake GIRL PROFILES.

Corina KEELEY, is not real. It is a FAKE. More than one account has likely been created by him. He has been doing this for years in the seduction community and I believe the community should now know what he’s been doing. For ME, he’s been telling me he’s friends with the girl I had been interacting with, only to find out HE is running the conversations. embarrassing for me, but my embarrassment is nothing compared to his absolutely SHAMEFUL BEHAVIOR.

I have not been exchanging messages with a cute petite white chick, but rather a large menacing gay black dude.

So, all f’n jokes aside (the humor is not lost on me but come on man, this is fuckin’ sick shit) I just want my friends, the PUA community, and people I know he’s been in contact with, to know what this man is, and what he has been doing.

Arash, did you know he was doing this? To me? To others? He wears his beard in the same manner as yours, and has a photo of you in his cover pic. He has pictures of himself with girls, and it now makes sense why … they feel safe with him as he tells them he’s gay. He and I have 179 mutual friends, so he has been actively maneuvering to exploit the knowledge he obtains as a girl from the guys. He is very smart (what Id call clever clever … clever is fine, its clever clever people you have to watch out for) and if you are in the PUAscene, he has likely, at some point, interacted with YOU too. He claims to be CEO & Founder of Academie Consulting, teaching MEN to pickup WOMEN and then posing as a woman and interacting with the same people. Ill add photos before he tries to disappear. Please take a moment and remember his name and face, and check how many mutual friends you have with him if you know him.

Shame on you dude. Wayne Jordan. You FUCKING FAKE.

What has this man done to YOU? If he can do this, what else has he been doing … maybe to YOU. Shameful.

If I could get more info from those who know him, and those who have interacted with Corina Keeley, his pseudonym, please comment. He is friends with Nick Diaz, MMA fighter, and Imcertain he’s been duplicitous for years. Not only to me, but to many others as well. Catfishing men … and taking money from them.

SHAMEFUL BEHAVIOR WAYNE. You should be ASHAMED of yourself.

(please feel free to repost this if you are a member of a PUA group online … I mean FUCKIN’ ELL this is TODAYS PUA NEWS.)

end of rant. thanks for reading. find out more by checking your association with him. His social proof pix derive from his being the GAY FRIEND to girls and STRAIGHT to straight guys. And a GIRL ONLINE to straight guys. I am ashamed of him.



Ain’t that some shit!

Everyone who’s on the inside of pickup, knows Mystery’s struggles (baby-mama drama), hence his rant about that.

Anyway, it was a mutual friend of ours, David Kocher, who first broke this startling news to Mystery just yesterday.

Here is the deal with Wayne Jordan: we all in the pick-up circle know him.

He was touted as a master seducer, instructor and businessman who was great at psychology as a lawyer in training, and he also ran a consultancy business of his own, while embarking on his publishing journey.

Wayne Jordan

As a fat guy- albeit a black guy- he stood out mostly in the pick-up community, and was praised highly for his ability to pull lots of hot white girls as he would regularly showcase in his photos posted to his Facebook.

I mean, he gave fat guys in pickup hope! The fact that he was able to bed and date so many attractive women was astonishing!

Wayne Jordan

Apparently, I mean according to Mystery, Wayne Jordan is actually gay…so he wasn’t actually sleeping with the women he would parade around and appear in bed with…since he’s gay…or bi-sexual (according to Mystery). 😦 😦

I am carefully using ‘Allegedly’ because I’m not clear on certain things here.

On a persona level, I find it extremely difficult to believe that Wayne is gay by any mean as far what I gather from his postings.

It was also brought to my attention from the whistle-blower (David K) that Wayne ‘ALLEGEDLY’ admitted to him that he’s a virgin. But who would believe that? So I figured that if this was indeed said, David K never really bought it as factual.

‘ALLEGEDLY, Wayne was also running an elaborate money-making hustle through his fake profile on Facebook, Corina Keely, where he would sell nudes of this white chick Corina, for hundreds of dollars a fucking pop…and they were selling like hot cakes!

The pics that Wayne ‘ALLEGEDLY’ used for his fake profile, Corina, were that of a chick name Britney on Twitter.

Here’s the thing (the catch): Wayne allegedly would secretly use his Corina profile to chat up other guys in the pick-up community (through Facebook) in order to get his rocks off (according to many speculators).

Furthermore, he would allegedly get those guys to trade nudes for nudes. The guys would buy nudes from him of this Corina chick (who’s actually Britney), and in turn also send her (Wayne) nudes of themselves. So Wayne, allegedly was satisfying his homosexual urges and desires by having guys send him nudes, believing they were sending nudes to Corina…who’s actually Wayne in disguise [remind you; this is all allegations].

Since Mystery went public last night that he was catfished by Wayne, pretending to be Corina, a super-hot blonde, Wayne has since deleted his Facebook yesterday, and also the Facebook of Corina Keely was pulled down.

Surprisingly though, Wayne’s profile is back up as of this afternoon.

Wayne and MMA superstar Nick Diaz to his right, and Arash, renown PUA instructor and MMA fighter to Wayne's left

On a related note, being from Palm Springs, California, Wayne is well connected to people who are people in Hollywood in the nightlife scene.

He’s known to have access to people with names.

I’ll get into that during the show with David K since he has the scoop on this.

Admittedly, Wayne Jordan and I are cool just as the case with most in pickup!

As a fellow black PUA in this community, we gravitated to each other and got to know each other upwards of 4 years ago…or longer.

I had no inclination or clue to believe he was gay. Just as no one else in the community had a clue that he was gay (allegedly)!



Apart from that, everyone in every pick-up circle, knew Wayne, and respected his insights tremendously on picking up women and seduction philosophy…not knowing that all along that he was gay (‘ALLEGEDLY’), and not interested in women on a romantic level!

Just to clarify: this isn’t a matter of gay or straight. We aren’t bashing Wayne on the issue of being gay (if he is).

Most guys seem to harp on the ethics (or lack thereof).

If you’re gay: then you’re gay!

I am totally against the homosexual lifestyle, and yes- I do have homophobic tendencies- but that is the least of why I found this incident to be eye-opening.

Men catfishing other men, and catfishing in general, is what I find to be noteworthy.

On a different note, how ironic that I’ve always spoken about shit like this as far as not engaging any girl who looks too fucking good to be true!

Any random fucking blondie who sends me a friend request on Facebook is ignored and blocked furthermore!

I am very methodical and I scrutinize every fucking friend request I receive because I’m always wary of catfish!

Guys have been trying to catfish me over the years but have always failed from the gate because I don’t fall for the airbrushed, model-looking, perfect women with no blemishes, because more times than not, they are fake profiles ran by some dude with a fetish for men…or scammers trying to make a buck.

Moreover, if she’s too good to be true (looks-wise); then she’s likely a fraud.

Wayne allegedly has been playing all of us for years. I actually find it humorous instead of sickening as what most guys seem to take it.

As for Corina Keely, ‘ALLEGEDLY’ Wayne’s alter-ego and female personality, she and I have been friends on Facebook for many years also (I meant he and I). But nothing really struck me as odd about that profile besides the girl in the profile photo being extremely sexy…and that isn’t rare anyway.

Even more interesting, it is alleged that Wayne played off Corina (which is really himself…’ALLEGEDLY’) as his BFF (his terminology), so this gave her legitimacy among guys in pickup, where everyone thought Corina must have been a real person since Wayne Jordan had vouched for her, and Wayne has/had credibility in many pick-up circles.

Later on today, I will be doing an episode of my show with the whistle-blower himself, David Kocher, as we will get in depth about how everything unfolded over the months and weeks leading up to this.

A handful of guys in the community has met up with Wayne over the years (more so as of late), and the reviews have always been positive for the most part.

Stay tuned for the podcast episode by tomorrow.

By the way, I’ve had to edit and re-edit this post about 100 times before publishing.

I firstly wrote this post condemning Wayne Jordan before certain facts have come out.

I then re-edited the post to ensure that ‘Alleged’ was carefully crafted into the post every other paragraph or so, just to avoid a situation of running with allegations before anything is clear.

For all we know, this could possibly be a situation where Wayne decided to punk or prank Mystery and a few other guys within the community by pretending to be Corina.

In any case, he did make a lot of cash, which is why lots of guys are angered.

As it stands now, everyone in pickup has thrown Wayne under the bus.

In the meantime, this is still breaking news in the pick-up community, so hundreds of us around the globe have been commenting on the Facebook post which was put out by Mystery last night.
















Mystery (Erik) is clearly and justifiably pissed because he confided in Corina (allegedly Wayne Jordan) who turned out to be Wayne…allegedly.

If you aren’t familiar with Mystery (Erik Von Markovik of Toronto, Canada), the founder and godfather of the pickup/PUA/seduction community, then you might know of him through the VH1’s Pickup Artist show which aired back in 2006-2007.

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