A Brief Note On Women Being Too Naïve For Their Own Good

Confidentiality is a huge deal for me.

Don’t be misled by my public persona and online diaries.

By nature, I’ve always been a low-key kind of person since youth-hood, one who avoided the spotlight and attention.

“Introvert” was my middle name.

Not only was I and still am an introvert at heart but anti-sociability had a plaguing effect on me throughout my life.
Thanks to pickup I was able to transform myself from a severely anti-social loser to a social man.

Nevertheless, confidentiality is what I wish to shroud my lifestyle endeavors within.

I never been the showy, braggy, flashy type in any aspect of my life besides fashion accessorization which makes me stand out like a peacock from the crowd of drab roosters. But that was more so due to the peacocking concept of pickup where flashy and original attract women.

Personality and action-wise, I prefer to play the background in obscurity.

Surely every word I’d typed up to this point appears contradicting of my PUA persona which requires me to be ‘OUT THERE’…but I’ve already shed some light on that.

Few days ago, I decided to pay a visit to an HB at her apartment on the other side of the city since I hadn’t seen her in a while. Plus I was driving through her area anyway.

She said, “cool! come on”!

Knowing she has a boyfriend, I didn’t expect her to invite me by while he was there…which he wasn’t.

We stayed in the hallway area and talked for a bit.

About 5 minutes later, her boyfriend comes in (I’m assuming he was her boyfriend).

I then said to her, “Why didn’t you tell me you were expecting him so I didn’t bother come”?

Girl: “Oh…I forgot to tell you he was to come by”.

I sucked my teeth and walked off in disbelief at how blasé she was about this.

Next thing she’s gonna text me complaining about how distrustful her boyfriend is of her.

“No shit”!

You haplessly agreed to me coming over, knowing your boyfriend was on his way also, but that piece of information just happened to have slipped your mind, so your boyfriend ends up coming by and meets you in the hallway with a random dude chatting away…and you don’t see why he harbors distrust about you!?

Come yesterday, I get a call through the Messenger app from a chick saying:

“My boyfriend has been wondering why am I commenting on your Facebook posts and vice versa”.

Me: “Okayyyyyyyyyyyyy. So what did you tell him”?

Girl: “That you’re just a friend I’m very cool with and he has nothing to worry about”.

Me: “Okay”.

She then went further to say that she told him we hang out on occasions but just for drinks and nothing else.

I then said to her, “Why tell him all that? Is it really relevant? You should’ve just told him I’m a random guy on Facebook who lives in Antarctica somewhere. Why feed him information that can get you in trouble”?

Girl: “It’s okay. He just needs to understand that I should be able to have friends”.

Me: “I get that. But you’re giving him reasons to now distrust you by telling him that we hang out over drinks, how we met, where we met and the whole nine”.

There goes our chances of hanging out again, right out the window.

What really irks me about the way women do things is that they give men all the reasons in the world to distrust them by volunteering information that doesn’t help either party.

It’s like they’re stuck on naïve and living in oblivion about men and how we think.

Ladies; you cannot tell your boyfriend about another guy whom you talk to and expect him to be jolly about it!

Likewise, you cannot tell him about your male friends and think that he’s to believe you 2 are just platonic buddies who sit around and gossip about the latest Bad Girls Club episode!

Men are fucking jealous…in case you didn’t know!

Being a confidential guy by nature, the last thing I want is to have some disgruntled boyfriend stalking my Facebook and messaging me about texting his girlfriend.

There are scores of men who relish in the limelight and love to have such attention to stroke their egos.

I on the other hand prefer to lay low and give less of an impression as a home-wrecker as possible.

What's your view?

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