Attracting Women Through Your Statuses

I preach a lot about attracting girls (strangers in particular) over Facebook by various means.

A subject that I haven’t touched on in a while is attracting girls through your posts and statuses.

In all honestly, this post will not get into much specifics because of greater factors which seem vague now, but will be defined later on.

Yesterday afternoon, I randomly friend-requested a hot East Indian girl per modus operandi [my standard routine], and she accepted.

As my Facebook pickup method would have it, whenever I add a girl and she accepts, she gets to see firsthand (via my privatized friend list) the type of stuff I share and posts.

For example, this pick-up friend of mines had posted the following status in which I shared.

The newly added girl was roped into the post by virtue of something which was said that coincided with a previous post of hers.

I call this a wizard technique where I look at the girl’s most recently posted status and I post something in relation to it, in order to draw her in by the fact that we have something in common.

Anyway, so I shared my pick-up friend’s [Erwin’s] post and here was the reaction from the East Indian hottie below.


Adjoined to that, was a status of mines posted immediately afterwards in order to further draw her in, since I knew she was already attracted to my vibe from the previous post that I shared.

Calling myself a “man-whore” had the effect that I intended it to have.

It shocked her!

Now here’s the kicker and the most important part: I had just added this girl minutes before that. Bear in mind that I never inboxed her prior, nor did I give her the SLIGHTEST reason to believe that I was courting her besides adding her. So there was no reason why she should have an issue with me being a man-whore.

What does this subtle point say?

She had reasons to worry because she sees me as an item.

By saying she had her share of man-whores, is also indicative of the type of guys she goes for…or ends up with. But this is no different from girl to girl. Most girls will have dealt with man-whores and players before settling for a tired Beta whom they can control and use.

As for the part about un-friending me: it was just all talk…obviously, so I played along with it.

In a nutshell: I showed that I was un-stifled, humorous, not afraid to offend (without being a total dick), and not afraid to lose her.

Four powerful attractive qualities in a man.

The following screenshot is from another status of mines- from the same evening (last night). So, within the span of 10 minutes, this girl had began to engage me on 3 different posts of mines.

This is a sure sign of attraction without the girl having to say so.


We exchanged a little banter about a Palestinian pizza spot named Cassanova’s located in the city.

Obviously she doesn’t know about Giacomo Casanova, the infamous-Italian seductionist character, who lived between the years of 1725-1798.
Another pick-up guy had chimed in, who’s an interesting character of whom I will talk about in the next article.

All in all, I just hoped to have pointed out to you guys just how easy it is to gain attraction out of thin air with a random hottie whom you might have added minutes earlier.

Once you have the right vibe and know how to rope a girl in; she will chase in various ways!

Subsequent to all of this, sensing that it was obvious that she’s attracted to me, I inboxed her for the first time.


Who the hell is Faisal? Well, he’s actually the other PUA who was commenting on the post with the girl and I.

You’ll be filled in come the next article about PUA politics, as to the importance of Faisal.

Where most guys would’ve gone wrong upon contacting the girl for the first time through inbox, is they would pounce upon the girl and ultimately chase her away!

When sensing that a girl likes you (over Facebook), you still want to reserve some sort of calm and cool about yourself!

Still play the game!

Don’t go chode mode and chase her wildly for the number just because she likes you.

That is why I played it cool and ended the conversation briefly.

On a final note, if you’ve been following me for any time now, you would’ve known that I have a massive thing for East Indian women, and I’ve slept with an ample amount of them over the years.

Also as interesting, is how often I squash popular myths such as “East Indian women don’t do black men”.

I’ve proven this fallacy, time after time, to be just that: a fallacy!

As long as you know how to attract women, race will not be an issue.

In the meantime, if I’m up for it, I may actually proceed in trying to seduce this hot Indian and eventually lay her.

Stay tuned!

Oh- you will love the following article where I touch on Faisal, the PUA from England.

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