The Now Infamous PUA Opener: “We Would Make Cute-Ass Babies”


Another text-game opener with another random girl on FB whom I came across 2 days ago. We happen to have the same last name so my opener was based on that. You have to learn how to improvise and spot openings from the most insignificant of things.
I didn’t proceed to picking this hot girl up because she’s currently in Canada…and my dick cannot stretch that far to bang her.
[My texts/opener texts in blue]




Ok guys, so that is pretty much my go-to opener on Facebook as of late.

I would come across a random girl’s profile and say to her through inbox (or some variation of it):

“We would make some cute ass babies”

How often does this work for me as far as getting the girl to open?

A hundred percent of the time!

Yes- I did say 100% of the time!

This opener has never failed me yet!

In a subsequent post, I’ll address why such a routine/icebreaker won’t work for most guys at all, though it works for me 100% of the time.

As it is for now: this opener of mines has taken the pickup community by storm, as it is being talked about on various forums across the net.



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