The Mindset To Making Anything Work In The Game

Upon posting some posts within my Facebook page, yesterday for example when I posted about ballsy openers, someone commented on 1 of those posts with the following comment (see below).


My summed-up response to guys who struggle with making such openers/ice-breakers and routines work, is below.


That’s it!

It boils down to the mindset/frame and your reality.

As I mentioned in the previous post: I can give a guy the most perfect opener to use- an opener which never fails me for that matter- yet the guy would fail 100% of the time.

All those little things which I mentioned in the screenshot above, are the reasons why I make things work.

When you text a girl, especially a new one whom you haven’t texted before, you want to shoot and go!

In other words, send your message and go!

Most guys make the mistake of texting and leaving the app open while waiting for the girl to reply.

Since women are psychic and super perceptive, they can sense when a guy is desperate and “waiting” for her to reply.

Likewise, they can sense a guy who doesn’t give a fuck whether she replies or not.

This nonchalant attitude is a winning one!

Hence, whenever I text a girl- whether a random chick on Facebook or not- my vibe/attitude is always the same: I don’t need it to work!

I don’t need her to reply!

That is the vibe I give off and embody!

Interestingly enough, when you don’t expect a reply, you’ll be surprised to find out that that is when you’ll get the bulk of reciprocation.

The more psychological emphasis you place upon getting a reply, your chances of actually getting a reply will have decreased.

It is 1 of those laws of nature.

With all that being said, nothing will rarely ever work for you if you’re operating from the wrong frame.

This rings true from chatting up girls online to live and direct in-person pickup as I demonstrated in my most recently published video from Christmas Eve.

The more you come off as though you don’t need the girl’s approval, the greater the effect in attracting the girl.

What's your view?

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