Expect Token Resistance: More Facebook Pickups

Let’s just jump right into another routine pull on Facebook.

Two days ago, I cold-messaged this hottie after coming across her profile [nothing new there].

I used my now-infamous opener which has caught the pick-up world by storm [“Let’s make some babies”].
[Messages read from left to right, top to bottom row. My texts in blue]







Everything was self explanatory there as far as my approach and vibing.

In the previous 2 screenshot collages, you would have noticed some token resistance on the part of the girl when I tried getting her number.

You may be accustomed to seeing me grab numbers trouble-free.

Don’t get too complacent if you’re using my method!

Bear in mind that women will test you and play hard-to-get (token resistance) when it comes to getting their number, simply because it’s a woman’s job to resist in some form, at some point during the courting.

Expect this!

Where most guys go wrong in cases where the girl doesn’t cough up the # on the 1st try, is that they give up immediately, sensing defeat and rejection.

That is what the girl is waiting to see; whether the guy was sincere or just dicking around about wanting her number.

Most guys foolishly play into this trap by throwing in the towel altogether or by throwing a pissy-fit once the girl doesn’t cough up her number on the 1st go.

At times- I would say 35% of the time in such cases- the girl merely wants to see whether you’d persist or give up if she resists a little or even a lot.



Did I give up?

Of course not!

Now, here is the thing: what should you do once faced with token resistance from a girl upon trying to get her digits?

Same thing I did:

*Be playful

*Change subjects

*Playfully yet dominantly try to get the # again

If a girl objects or refuses to give you the number on the 1st try, perhaps she wasn’t warmed up enough yet to the task.

Perhaps she isn’t too keen on you.

Hence, you want to further build the attraction by continuing the conversation (as I did) either then and there, or another time!

Not every time you will get the number during the 1st interaction on Facebook.

In fact; I’ve always urged you to work in stages when trying to pick up a girl on Facebook in particular.

What I mean by that is, instead of going for broke during the initial text-session, you want to have about 3 little sessions firstly.

For example: you message her first on Monday with the usual stuff as far as my method is concerned (via attraction material).

End the conversation!

You then contact her again through inbox/messenger around Wednesday.

Don’t go for the # as yet!

Around Thursday or Friday; have another round of spirited chat then go for the number.

It doesn’t all have to happen in 1 conversation.

It is just because I am so damn skillfully advanced at instantly attracting random hotties online, why I’m able to get their number within the initial conversation…99% of the time!

However, there exist those times where either the girl objects (plays hard-to-get), or I willfully draw out the pickup [grabbing her #] in intervals.

However, as a rule of thumb: don’t necessarily look to get her number during the first conversation.

What you don’t want to happen is upon objecting and resisting, you desperately try to get her number.

You want to exhibit calm and coolness while persisting in a playful manner.

Furthermore, some chicks take a lot longer to warm up than others.

Some women are more skeptical and suspecting than others.

Moreover, women love the cat-and-mouse things which is why they play coy at times.

Those are just 3 reasons why girls may resist during an attempted pickup.

Never take objection or resistance as rejection or else the girl will have sensed your needy/desperate vibe and truly reject you!

As for my now infamous opener about getting girls pregnant and having cute babies: I’ll touch on it in an upcoming post.

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