How To Get And Keep Her Interested [The Post]

On the heels of the previous article which featured a pickup of a young-mom hottie, I concluded that post with the following tidbit on being interesting to women.


How to be interesting?

How to make women find you as an interesting chap opposed from a bland dodo?

As I mentioned in the above screenshot; it’s about being contradicting, polarizing, shocking and all over the place.

Yes- it is that simple.

Bear in mind: women suffer from ADD/ADHD, which renders their attention span shot and short!

In other words; women are lightening quick to lose interest and concentration. Therefore, you have to captivate them in order to get and hold their attention.

You can rarely achieve this by being linear and structured.

Women themselves aren’t linear and organized in their thoughts, ideas, ideals and emotions.

Hence, to approach a girl with a structured approach which runs from point A to L in 1 straight line, would kill your chances as fast as you can blink.

When you think of attracting women, think of zigzag, going from point A to L in crisscross manner.

The girl should NOT be able to predict your next move, next line or next text!

What kills lots of guys is that they are predictable to a fault.

Chicks are equally as predictable. But since men are the ones courting women, we (men) must be aware of what are the attraction killers, such as predictability, and how to put a lid on that shit.

Quite naturally, if you’re predictable; then you are linear, going from point A to L, hitting every point in between within a straight line.

In order to attract and hold a hot girl, you must do the contrary! Either start from point L to A, or skip points on the way in zigzag motion.

Sounds abstract as shit but it’s quite simple.

Most guy’s approaches and attempted pickups read like a job interview where they are interviewing the girl.

It is very straightforward: predictable questions and predictable answers.

I mean, if you look back at any of my postings which features screenshots of me picking up a random girl, you will have noticed that I never ask girls the usual and predictable questions. And if I do, they come at an irregular interval during the conversation.

However, you’d rarely catch me asking a girl the following:

“How old are you”?

“Do you have kids”?

“Do you have a boyfriend”

“Are you single”?

“Where do you live”?

“Do you go to school”?

“You have siblings”?

“What kinda work do you do”?

Never would you catch me asking those questions!

The girl may volunteer that unimportant information, but it is definitely not upon my behest and request!

I simply don’t care if the girl has fucking siblings or not!

What does it matter in the grand scheme of things where I’m trying to insert cock into her vagina?

Absolutely nothing!

I don’t care to know where she works, if she works, what is her profession, etc.

Knowing those pieces of information doesn’t at all sway, guide nor dictate whether I get the girl or not.

Hence, they are unimportant, so I never ask!

I also never ask whether the girl has kids or not.

I don’t care!

She will likely volunteer that information at some point if she finds it important.

Her schooling, where she grew up and whether she has a boyfriend or is single, don’t matter to me neither.

If it doesn’t help towards building the attraction, I won’t ask certain questions!

Guys chat up women as though it’s a goddamn interview by asking the same-lame predictable questions that tick women off.

Why do guys ask such boring, unimportant and uninteresting questions?

1.) It’s what everybody else does so it must be normal and workable

2.) Nothing else to talk about [conversational fillers]

3.) They actually believe that girls give a shit

Whenever guys run out of things to say (which always occurs within seconds of the interaction), their “supposed” lifelines are those boring interview-type questions which turn women off.

They utilize them as conversational fillers in order to fill the void of nothingness as far as conversational value is concerned.

Here is little advice from Kenny to you: whenever you run out of things to say; say anything!

“Anything” meaning anything besides some lame-boring shit like, “So…do you have sisters and brothers”?

That is when and where you go erratic, unpredictable, contradictive and polarizing!

However, you don’t necessarily have to wait until you run out of things to say to get unpredictable and ballsy.

Here are some of my personal-favorite crazy shit that I enjoy texting off to girls I just meet at random moments (in order to get/keep them interested).

“Let’s do some crazy random shit like get married tomorrow”

“I wanna impregnate you”

“I would love for you to have my baby”

“I fucking love you”

“Let’s be cuddle-buddies”

“Let’s have sex on my hotel balcony”

“I wanna go down on you in a crowded restaurant”

“You’re my future lover”

“We would make cute babies together”

“I wish you were married so we can have an affair”

“You deserved to be punished like a little girl”

You get the point guys.

Every now and then you have to pepper into your conversations those polarizing and shocking statements that make the girl have a strong emotional reaction: negative or positive!

If she reacts negatively; you neutralize it by pulling back with an apology.

If she reacts positively by saying, “you’re crazy”, or she laughs and LOL’s about it, then it is just as good.

You also want to neg her.

Yes: the old neg-theory tactic.

This is, you somewhat make fun of her or tease her about something she said or did. But not so hard that it makes her feel genuinely offended (this requires calibration).

If she says she’s a nurse, tell her that she’s such a pervert for working in a field where she has to tend to naked people.

If she’s a teacher, tease her about being perverted for working in a field where little boys would hit on her.

You get the picture.

Your current idea of what ‘interesting’ is, isn’t interesting to women at all!

I’m not saying you have to be a dick to be interesting. You just have to be different and harbor an uncanny streak about yourself to where no girl can dare think that she has your number!

Re-read my other posts!

Check out the previous article!

What a girl sees as an “interesting guy”, is someone who can take her left, right, back left in a heartbeat, then zigzag a bit with her emotions!

Someone she deems as interesting is a guy who can shock her with the things he says.

This is no different than ‘attractive’. Most guys are still under the delusion that what a girl deems as attractive is solely or heavily based on a guy’s looks and outer appearances.

That is so far from the truth, you begin to wonder why guys have complications getting laid.

What a woman deems attractive is largely based on a guy’s personality and his vibe…not his outer appearance!

For Heaven’s sake, I’ve been picking up girls left and right on the internet! Girls whom you would deem are out of my league.

They clearly see my photos and profile pic, and they clearly see that I am no drop-dead gorgeous guy.

Be as it may, when it comes to keeping a girl interested, always bear in mind that instead of a straight smooth path, think disorderly, chaotic, whimsical and maze-like.

Make the girl emotional!

Emotional doesn’t necessarily mean sentimental.

Get the girl to experience and feel a variety of emotions within the interaction and she will be hooked.

Here’s an older video from the infamous, Julien Blanc (before the media scandal), speaking on this concept.

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