Another Routine Pick-Up Of A Hottie On Facebook: Getting A Girl Interested Out Of Thin Air

I really like this pick-up, for various reasons, of a young single-mom hottie over Facebook this Sunday morning into the evening.

I will also break down (per screenshot collage) exactly what is going on, why I did what I did and the purpose for doing so.

Before I get to the screenshots, I want to share the brief non-elaborate back-story of how I met this girl yesterday morning [Sunday].

I simply spotted her profile, liked what I seen (she passed my boner-test) and I messaged her [girl pictured below]!


That’s it!

Nothing elaborate, right?


The only 2 things I ensure before I contact a random stranger on Facebook are:

1.) She’s fuckable

2.) She lives near…as in the same city/town, same island or a neighboring one.

With this girl, as you will have noticed from the conversation, she lives in a neighboring island which I frequent, and to which I travel every other weekend for business…primarily.

In any case, once the girl meets those 2 criteria of mines: I inbox her.

Now, if you purchased or somehow read my Facebook bang product, you would have come across a few prerequisites of which I advise you before actually taking that step towards inboxing the random girl.

However, as you advance in the game and become adroit at pulling ass on Facebook, guidelines and rules will have become less necessary as they are in my case.

Okay; so let’s crack into it!

A few Commentaries are below the screenshot collage. Screenshots read from left to right; top then bottom row.
[my messages in blue].

I open her with an assumption opener-question by assuming she was married, but by asking her without inserting the question mark [read more about this at the end of the article].


Above: I always prefer to make a sexual statement early as possible so that the girl gets a clear sense that I am a sexual being, and that this pending pickup is based on sex and not some platonic bullshit. So, whenever I mention “sex” to a random girl this early, I expect her to object/reject my sexual proposition. Her objection doesn’t deter me 1 bit because that is what I look for and that is what I wished to have happened (her objection). “Apologizing” is a powerful technique here. Whenever you say something to a girl that ruffles her feathers a bit, you can always apologize and it doesn’t make you look like a pussy. What is key is that you get your sexual intention out there and you take it back (apologize) but with humor.

Another key point I want you to zoom in on (above) is when she said “yes…it’s just u”, in reply to me saying that it can’t just be me who gets sexual and dirty with her so randomly. She admits that I am the only stranger who ever came out so boldly about wanting to have sex wih her. She’s being partially truthful in that hot girls are always being messaged by random guys on Facebook wanting to have sex with them. But those guys are always rejected! Why didn’t she reject me like the rest? Psychology/game…and my understanding of women.


Above: I injected some more playful and sexual humor by saying,…”us to meet up for drinks and sex”, as if it were a slip of the tongue. 😉 She then assumed that what I really meant is that we should meet up for drinks and hope she would get intoxicated enough in hopes that it would lead to sex. Always learn the art of humor. When she assumed I wanted alcoholic drinks then sex, I said to her we will have nonalcoholic beverages instead.


Above: I call this “deep-desire game” where I declare to the girl that I want her real bad and that I’m besides myself about her. Communicating such desires in the right way will have a positive effect in injecting the girl with a perfect dose of your passion! Remember I spoke about “Curiosity Loop” recently? When I said to her, “I was curious about something”, it raises her interest level in making her want to know more.

I also use some cold reading by saying, “somehow I think you love a guy who can be straight up”…to which she gives a thumb up. Cold-reading technique is when you assume something about a girl in hopes that she agrees.


Above: I use 1 of my favorite hooking techniques by getting vague on her about what made me delve into her profile. Also, whenever a girl asks you “what are you like”, please stay away from the fucking cliche bullshit that would make the girl see you as some risk-adverse wimp! You want to always present yourself as a free-spirited individual: untamed, rude, forward, crazy, esoteric, erratic, spontaneous, etc. Never give her the answers she expects to hear whenever she asks “what kind of guy are you”: I’m fun, cool, nice, outgoing, love to read, play sports, sing, go to the gym, etc. Those things are all nice; but they don’t help to build the attraction!

I also hope that you took notice of how I established the frame that she is the one trying to meet my criteria, especially when I said to her, “…I love to travel, meet new ppl and have drinks with girls who can take my shit. So far you qualify”. By phrasing things that way, the girl realizes that she’s the one auditioning to meet my standards in order to be in my company; hence she sends a smiley face in reply.

Lastly (on the above screenshot), I do a bit of cold-read routine and also present her with some super-strong yet negative declarations about breaking her heart. It never ceases to amaze me how I can say to a girl upfront that I will break her heart and that I’m no good for her, and she will still proceed and allow herself to get picked up, seduced and fucked by me. Note: once a girl is attracted to you (your vibe; not your looks), you can say the most ridiculous shit and she will become even more attracted.


Above: Saying to a stranger, “I love you”, is 1 of the worse things you can possibly do/say that will instantly kill every chance of you getting the girl! Why doesn’t this ever kill my chances? Because the girl knows that I am fucking around and being playful whenever I say “I love you”! Humor is key! It is when you say “I love you” and you come off as though you actually mean it, that the girl gets weirded out and bails! She also assumes that I treat girls like shit. Notwithstanding that; she still likes me!

I then go vague on her again and drop another curiosity loop in there by saying, “I learned a few key things about u so far”. You always want to captivate a girl’s mind in such a way by making her super curious about a piece of information (which could be fictitious or otherwise real).


Above: Always assume that the girl either has a quality that you like, or she lacks it. I assumed that she has an adventurous vibe and she agrees. Whenever a girl likes you, she will tend to agree with your assumptions about her. Hence, that is 1 way in which you can feel out her affectation and liking for you. I can guarantee if I were a lame guy whom she didn’t like, she would never agree to the fact that she’s adventurous…even if she was hard-core! And the fact that she admits to being adventurous, she’s essentially giving me the green light to do some adventurous stuff whenever we meet up: like fucking her in the restroom of a restaurant, on the balcony, at a bust stop, anywhere in public! You get the point!

Again I get ridiculous and suggest we get married and that I love her. She laughs about it because she gets the humor and she knows I’m only BS-ing around, hence she said “u kill me”.


Above: As expected; she likes my humor as all girls do…and also the fact that I keep the convo interesting. I then take a wise crack at the average guy by pretending as though I didn’t know that most guys were uninteresting and non-humorous lames; “isn’t ever guy interesting and humorous”, to which she replies, “Noooo”. Why aren’t most guys interesting and humorous? Because the average guy is stuck inside of his head, filters himself, aims to please and he equates humor with childishness.


Above: More self-deprecating humor about having a 2 inch dick.

I then told her I am a womanizer, have a girlfriend and 2 kids…yet she allows herself to be picked up…knowing I am a womanizer who will not stick around as I clearly stated. Again; once a girl is attracted to your rhythm and vibe, she will excuse all liabilities and baggages you may have. Her otherwise deal-breakers won’t matter to her.


Above: at some point; you must end the conversation before it ends on you, hence I wined things down. However, I made sure that she well understood the purpose of all this blabbering. It is NOT friendship, it is NOT marriage, it is NOT relationship, it is FUCKING…but under the guise of meeting new people and meeting up. This is why I said to her as I wined down, “I contacted u because I think you’re sexy and you make my cock hard”, in which she responds with, “Kk, nice”, to indicate that she’s on board!


Above: It is never a good idea to give a girl your #, but I do here because I knew she would’ve contacted me on Whatsapp right away…as she did. 😉

Over time guys, you will also learn how to read women like a book.

In a recent article, I made the declaration that all women are predictable.

I stand by that declaration totally!

Women are predictable (just as men are)! And that is why I can predict their reactions, when they’ll object, why they’ll object, how and when to get over their objections, when to go for the number successfully, etc.

It’s all the same script no matter the girl!

As for picking up total strangers over Facebook, I’ve picked up about 5 such girls over the last 3-4 days without the slightest hiccup.

With this girl, since logistically I’m not able to see her before the next 2 weeks, during those next 2 weeks, I will briefly chitchat with her for about a minute or 2 per session, just to keep her on the radar.

After picking up a girl whom you won’t likely see within a week or less, you have to keep the firing burning or else it burns out, and you either have to start the seduction from scratch again or the girl moves on.

In order to maintain this proverbial flame ablaze, you simply touch base every other day until you will have eventually met up.

Since this girl and I are now FB friends, we’ll indirectly stay in touch by virtue of the fact that we’ll see each other’s postings, of which I would leave a witty comment or 2 every other day just so that I stay on her mind.

On another note, every girl I pick up on Facebook makes the distinction between me and other guys by saying that she likes me because I’m interesting.

This revelation comes as no shocker to me since I know that most guys are lame and boring, and cannot keep the interest of a woman if they had a box of fireworks and magician setup in their hands to work with.

By the way, it is not fucking magic! If you want to get or keep a girl interested, you simply have to give her a range of emotions by taking her left, right, North and South like a crazy man!

Be contradictive! Be shocking! Say some crazy shit…like “lets run away to Vegas and get married without anyone knowing”!

That is how you keep a girl interested…at least 1 way.

Lastly, I want to touch on “Assumption Openers” and how powerful they are.

With this girl, I opened her (broke the ice) by assuming in a way that she was/is married.

Here’s the beauty: whenever you assume something wrongly about a person (even if a stranger), he or she will feel a compulsion to correct that misinformation about him or herself.

This is actually a staple in my pick-up method as far as openers go. I would message a random girl on saying:

“Congrats on the big move”!

Quite naturally, since there were no “big moves” to which the girl deserves congratulation, she would reply to my message with either:

A.) “Huh? What are you referring to”?

B.) “Congrats? For what”?

C.) “I’m lost”

Or, I would message a random girl saying, “You had a baby last month and you couldn’t tell me”.

I (or anyone) assuming that the girl just had a baby last month when she actually didn’t, would compel any sane girl to want to correct this misinformation about herself…before word gets it or spreads.

You see; that is to key to why assumption openers work so powerfully. No one likes (negative) rumors and perceptions out there about themselves. So they will always look to correct that, thinking that it has spread…even if this assumption/mistake is made by a random stranger who lives across the globe.

Be as it may: if you’re still at a loss as to how to pull random-hot ass on Facebook, I urge you to grab yourself a copy of “Facebook bang…the bonus product”.

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