Freezing Her Out…

Have you ever ask yourself, “do freezeouts really work”?

Depended on how much attraction you would’ve created: freezing a girl out will beat her into submission.

Freezing a girl out however, won’t work if she isn’t attracted to you (your overall vibe).

Few days ago [Wednesday], a girl whom I met on FB was supposed to meet up with me but she flaked at the last second- literally- by not showing up at the designated location.

Since that had happened, I totally ignored her [freeze-out tactic] please and attempts to communicate with me on Facebook.

Here are some of her attempts.


She “claimed” that her phone was fucking up which is why she didn’t get to see me that night.

However, how convenient is such an excuse when her phone was working just fine the entire day…until she was to meet up with me.

I mean- what are the chances of this not being a crock of shit!?

I totally froze her out while she continued to inbox me (below).
[Her messages in gray]


[Above] I made it abundantly clear about my expectations yesterday afternoon.

On a further note, she seemed to think that I was vexed at her because she flaked on Wednesday. Freezing a girl out, or ignoring her messages, will give her the impression that you’re upset with her, but it won’t come off in such a negative way that the girl loses interest because she thinks you’re being a big baby.



Apparently, she came over last night and we shagged down. She also squirted on the bed which left a dampened spot just for good measures (below).


All in all guys; freezing out a girl will either make her conform/comply or move on.

She will chase you and comply with your demands only if she was interested in you to begin with.

Trying to successfully ignore a girl who isn’t into you will only make her laugh at you.

Hence, a successful freezeout campaign still requires the basics of attraction and pickup.

How long does freezing a girl out take in order to get the firm to chase?

It all depends.

With this girl, it’s clear to see that she began chasing me (by texting) in less than 24 hours since she flaked.

With other girls, and other situations, it may take weeks and even months before the they chase and comply.

Lastly, often times in situations where girls flake or attempt to flake, it is primarily to push in order to see how much they are allowed to get away with.

It is only when the girl realizes that she won’t get away with the shenanigans that she comply.

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