Give A Little Until Next Time [How To Gain Value While Facebooking A Girl]

A little Facebook game tip for you.

When it comes to gaming and grabbing a girl’s number over Facebook, it should rarely ever been seen and managed as a sprint to some virtual finish line.

Lots of guys are in the habit of rushing a pickup because they lack confidence in their ability to sustain attraction and interest. Hence, they feel an urgency to rush the pickup, also in order to not risk messing things up.

Whenever you operate from such a low-valued frame, the girl will also sense this lack of confidence being sub-communicated throughout your texting.

At times, you want to intentionally prolong and stall a potential pickup in order to gain or preserve value.

Even if you believe to yourself that you have the cat in the bag (as is the case with this girl), it never hurts your chances to make the girl believe that you’re worth more than she current suspects.

The following interaction comes from yesterday- to no surprise- with a random hottie I friend-requested a few days back.

The game I employ with this girls isn’t my usual rash and hard-core style, nor the romantic style, but a more neutral game yet being sexual.
[My messages in blue]





Ok, so that was it. Nothing too magical…at least not in my eyes.

Could I’ve gone for her number?


What are the chances that I would’ve gotten it?

Very likely.

However, I intentionally ended the conversation knowing that I’d made a very good impression. And by “good”, I don’t mean a “nice-guy” impression but a good impression in that I attracted her by being ballsy, humorous and enigmatic to a degree.

Those are all 3 great attraction qualities to espouse whenever building attraction and attempting to pick up a new girl via getting her phone number.

Three key reasons why it is a potent strategy to delay a pickup over Facebook is that they communicate to the girl that you must be pre-selected, high value and somebody.

In a nutshell; you come off as the opposite from desperate.

The fact that you don’t go for the number when you had it in the bag (over the internet that is) will say a ton!

You spike the girl’s interest level high then you pull back by electing to continue the chat at another time.

That aspect is key to my game! Whenever things get real good (conversation) I purposely tell the girl bye…”we’ll catch up later”!

Doing so will have shocked her reality and expectations since most girls are accustomed to being the ones who end the conversation first.

Thus, at the moment where she thinks that you would do the oft-predictable (beg for her #), you say bye instead.


Very simple concept!

In light of pulling such an unpredictable move, in the girl’s mind, you will have set yourself apart from 99.9% of guys out there who don’t have a clue!

Hence, not only will she see you differently, but she will act differently towards you by complying a lot more, realizing that you are a prize-worthy and non-desperate guy with value.

Whenever you exhibit a lack of urgency over Facebook to get the girl’s number (by putting it off for a later time), it’ll make her wonder, question her viability and value, and in the same breath will raise your value and stock in her eyes.

In all fairness: there is absolutely nothing wrong with going for her number during the initial interaction on Facebook, albeit you had attracted her sufficiently.

However, if you aren’t able to see/meet up with the girl any time soon [within a week or less], then it isn’t practical to go for her number (over FB) until you can realistically see her within the next few days.

That is essentially what I will do with this girl.

Being that I cannot possibly see her within the next week (since I won’t be on her side of the island until another 2 weeks or so from now), I elected to NOT go for her number until that time will have drawn nearer.

Therefore, I will delay the inevitable [phone # exchange] while spacing out my interactions with her to about once every 4-5 days over the next 2 weeks.

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