4 Lays In 4 Days: The Forfeited Sunday + Mission Conclusion

Hey guys, it’s been a wonderful run since Thursday to Sunday, but time was just kicking me in the ass to where I had to forfeit Sunday due to no real fault of my own.

What do I mean?

I woke up late the Sunday morning.

The thing is, my little voyage across island was to last from the Thursday afternoon to Sunday morning at 12 noon when I was to take the ferry and head back to the other side of the island.

Be as it may, I had something set up with a girl for the Sunday morning but because I overslept (having a grueling Saturday evening), I wasn’t able to follow through on pursuit of a 4th day lay (which would’ve been my 3rd if successful).

Hence, the 4th day (Sunday) of the mission was inadvertently scrapped.

These little personal missions and personal tests are always great ways to push one’s limits.

Set goals and deadlines in the game for yourself!

Challenge yourself…often!

Try your hardest to see how many lays you can pull within a designated time span just as I’d done.

Sure it’s exhausting! But what’s there to lose by challenging yourself besides ridding yourself of your comfort zone?

What's your view?

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