4 Lays In 4 Days: Saturday’s Field Report…I Got Flaked At The 11th. Hour

Saturday night, I had plans which were made from about a week in advanced, but the girl then decided to flake at the very last second.

Here is the chat-log from Whatsapp of her flakery.
[My texts in green]



That’s all she had to say: that she wasn’t joking.

Chicks are in the habit of pulling such stunts just to get a super-negative reaction out of the guy just to placate their little-fragile reality and egos.

In fact, she was the most DTF of the 4 girls slated for the 4 days. And look how that turned out.

Hence, a DTF girl can turn into a non-DTF chick at the drop of a dime.

This is why I’ve always taught you guys that women are very erratic thinkers, and their emotions lead them around and are subjected to drastic changes within a blink of an eye.

This is why you should always have backups and numerous options in case of flaking and girl standing you up as this one did on Saturday evening.

Though I was pretty pissed and itching to cuss her out royally, I knew such a reaction would’ve empowered her in this case, so I kept composed and nonchalantly blew it off.

However though, this left me scrambling at the 11th hour trying to find a girl who wants to come join me for drinks.

The hail-mary approach once more…but on a Saturday evening.

I texted numerous girls on Whatsapp trying to see who was free for the night.


No last-second luck on that 1 (above).

I then texted another chick who’s been wanting to meet up with me for months.

This seems more promising!


Ok, so here is the deal with the interaction with the girl directly above: we exchanged a few voice notes dealing with logistics.

There was a grand-modeling show in the city the Saturday night which featured female models from across the Caribbean.

This chick wanted me to accompany her to the event. BUT- she wasn’t alone. She was to meet a girlfriend there.

I found that to be a possible roadblock down the line because a girl isn’t too likely to ditch her friends to go off with a guy. So, I didn’t want that sort of tussle, therefore I never showed up.

By the way, I was to meet her at a specific bus terminal and we walk to the show nearby together.

Be as it may; I was stuck!

One chick flaked on me at the last second, “allegedly” because she couldn’t reach her mom. Another had a friend’s BBQ to attend. And a third prospect wanted me to accompany her to a show, which I wasn’t down for because her girlfriend may likely pose as a cock-block.

I mean, with the girl who wanted us to go to the show together; she was a sure-shot as far as getting a girl to hang out with. But, I didn’t just want to hang out with a girl. I wanted to fulfill my mission of sleeping with 4 girls in 4 days.

I already struck out the Thursday night, got success the Friday night, now I was looking to replicate that success the Saturday night.

Dammit! It’s almost 9 PM: Saturday night, been flaked on, and this “4 lays in 4 days” mission has turned out to be somewhat of a debacle.

If I were to get laid the Saturday night, that would’ve been 2 lays in 3 days.

Not bad at all!

Anyway, did I eventually get laid the Saturday night?

What was my next recourse since I didn’t have any prospect with whom I could’ve reasonably contacted?

Stay tuned for the continuation of what took place Saturday night!

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