4 Lays In 4 Days…Saturday Night… Catching Lightening In A Bottle Via Cold-Approach Pickup

It’s about 10:20 PM…Saturday night, got flaked on by a girl with whom I had plans with from about a week prior.

I’m now faced with 2 choices: go to the club, bar or casino and hope to cold-approach a girl there and take her home for sex. Or, I can just call it a night and go home…alone.

“4 lays in 4 days”!

“4 lays in 4 days”!

“4 lays in 4 days”!

That mantra kept ringing in my head, so I knew the mission was more important than to just abandon it and call it quits!

Thus, I got up from the bar and grill joint (where I was for about 3 + hours) and proceeded to walk to another district of the city.

Here is the power of cold approaching put into effect, where if you have the skill set to approach random strangers on the streets, you are never out of luck!

As I happened to look up while walking and texting, I locked eyes with a super-sexy cleavage-bearing tallish girl who gracefully passed in front of me.

Thinking nothing of it: I allowed her to pass without saying a word to her.

A few seconds went by and something said to me: “WTF are you doing Kenny!? Here is your chance! You have no other options nor anything to lose”!

I hustled in order to catch up with this cleavage-bearing girl who gave me the most glancing yet seductive eye-contact in a while. As I got closer to her (from the back yet off to the side in order to not startle her):

Me: “Hey, did you hear about that show tonight in the city”?

Girl: “What show”?

Me: “The modeling thing”

Girl: “Oh! I did”!

Me: “I honestly thought you were 1 of the contestants with how sexy you’re looking”

She blushed and laughed.

Girl: “Maybe if I had a sponsor I would’ve entered the competition”

Me: “That can be arranged”

Me: “By the way I’m Kenny”

Girl: “I’m Joan”

Me: “J, o, n, e”?

Girl: “No. J, o, a, n”.

Me: “Oh! But it’s pronounced as Jone. Sorta like Joan Rivers”.

Girl: “Yep”!

Me: “Just so I don’t forget your name, I’ll just picture Joan Rivers in my mind whenever I’m on the verge of forgetting…’Cause I’m bad with names”.

Girl: “That’s not nice. You’re picturing me as a dead woman then”?

Me: “True! I take that back! That was horrible of me”!

We both laughed about it.

While this interaction was taking place, we were walking somewhat aimlessly.

Girl: “I’m going that way”

She pointed to the right.

Me: “Oh! I was going that way too. By the way, I’m not stalking you”!

We shared another laugh.

Me: “By the way, where are you off to”?

Girl: “To get something to eat at a roadside vendor up the block”.

Me: “Cool! I have an even better idea! Let’s go grab a drink @ the Beehive since you’re not up to much and I’m sorta free”.

Girl: “But I don’t know you at all”.

Me: “Listen. I’ll walk you to get your conch soup and we head back to grab a Margarita”.

Girl: “Ok. Sounds nice”.

I then took her bags which she had toted in hand since she did a bit of Christmas shopping I believed.

Me: “Let me hold your bags”

Girl: “It’s okay. They aren’t heavy”.

I took her bags anyway while we stood by the vendors waiting for her food.

We chatted and flirted for 5-10 minutes as her food order was being prepared.

She paid for her conch soup and we headed back in the same direction from whence we came…arm in arm.

You have to learn how to strike dominantly in crunch time. Hence the reason why I took her arm and walked with her to the bar and grill joint which was about a 10 minute walk.

If I’m correct, as we got there, it was minutes to 11 PM.

We grabbed a few stools, I told her I was getting a Piña Colada for myself, and she said she wanted a Lime Squash; a mixed drink which I never heard of until that moment.

We got our drinks and sat, chatted and flirted for about 40 minutes.

Here are some crappy pics I’d taken as we sat across the small table from each other, as I drank my colada while she had the fizzy-lime squash.




To my surprise, the venue was just about to close up so she suggested we go sit nearby on some benches outside of the Cheers bar which was also closed for the night. So we grabbed our drinks and went to sit on the benches facing each other.

The dialogue consisted of the usual plot line: do you have a girlfriend, how long are you here for, do you always touch and hold women, etc, etc, etc?

Sensing that she was tired because she’s been on her feet Christmas shopping all day, I suggested in non-ambiguous terms that we should go back to my hostel.

She declined.

Girl: “I don’t even know you. Why would I do that. You think I’m some sort of fast chick who sleeps at random stranger’s place”?

The irony is this (and I said to myself): “but you go on an instant-drink date with a random stranger”?

Be as it may; I expect her to decline via token resistance as is the case 90% of the time when bluntly suggesting to the girl that she should come back to your place.

I said to her, “Let’s go”!

I never specify to where. But I grabbed her hand and led her.

As we walked, I gave her my smartphone and told her to snap a few pics of me standing by this Christmas tree.

I just cannot get my smartphone camera set to take decent pics during the night. 😦



Anyway, so I was holding her bags and my pina colada as she snapped away. She didn’t want us to take pics together because she has a “boyfriend” and she doesn’t trust me with her photos 😉 …her words.

I relented anyway.

She put up some more resistance to the idea of going back to my place, so I called it a night as far as trying to get her back to my hostel…so we said our byes, hugged and departed once I realized that her resistance was too adamant.

I wasn’t just going to throw in the towel on my entire Saturday night and “4 lays in 4 days” mission, so I went to a casino joint, on the prowl for a target to eventually seduce and take home.

It was after 11:30 PM, Saturday night, when I made my way into the casino joint which featured karaoke that night.

I approached a sexy MILF (could’ve been a GILF but was sexy as fuck though) while she played the slot machine:

Me: “I just had to tell you that you are very attractive and that is why I’m over here….to introduce myself”.

She gave me a dismissive look as if to say, “GTFOH young man”!

Me: “I’m Kenny”.

MILF/GILF: “Im …”.

She mumbled off her name as though she didn’t want to talk.

I kept plowing though.

Me: “Doing karaoke tonight”?

Her response was a brushoff.

Me: “By the way, what is the object of this slot game? I never played it before”.

MILF/GILF: “You have to put in coins and press and see if you can get them to match up”.

She muttered.

Me: “You’re winning or losing”?

MILF: “Losing…big time”.

She muttered.

Me: “By the way, I’m guessing I’m not the first young man to hit on your for the night”.

GILFy: “Yes you are”.

She mumbled dismissively.

Here was my cue to leave:

GILFy: “Can you put $20 into my machine for me please”?

She said pleasantly.

Remind you; everything she had said or replied to up until that point, was done with attitude and dismissively.

However, when it came to asking me to put $20 into her machine, she looked at me for the first time (every other time she never even looked at me once), and had spoken to me politely for the first time…but only because she wants me to put $20 into the a lot machine for her.

Fuck that!

I got up and went to sit somewhere else.

Either this lady is good at chasing guys away (by asking for money) or she’s a gold-digging slut!

While sitting at the bar inside of the casino, I decided to shoot off a text to the girl [Joan] whom I just departed from before coming to the casino [the girl with whom I insta-dated after picking her up].
[My texts in green]


“Can’t get home”.

When she texted that to me, my antennas immediately whipped out of their holding place!

My brain interpreted this to mean that she wanted to go home with me.

In any case, I was to seize my opportunity!
[Her texts in white]



Basically, since the ATM machine ate her card, she had no $$ to catch a cab.

If I were a Beta-Male chump, I would’ve suggested paying for her taxi. But what benefit would that have been for me?


Hence, when I finally met up with her again on the corner of the bank, I wisely and preemptively told her that I was broke so I couldn’t help her out with taxi fare…if that’s what she was hoping for.

On the corner when I met up with her again

Fortunately; she never asked for taxi fare.

I suggested she stay by my hostel overnight, and I’ll get her a cab in the morning. 😉

We both walked about 8 blocs to my abode and that was that…sex at the last second with a random stranger whom I’d only met about an hour earlier from cold approach that Saturday night.

She was strongly opposed from having her photo taken, so no sex footage whatsoever to save to my personal archive of women I’ve banged.

I can respect a woman’s desire for anonymity [that wasn’t some twisted joke].

I managed to take these fleeting photos as she got into the cab after 2 am.



With that, the count is now at 2 out of 3 of 4.

I didn’t manage to get laid the Thursday night because the girl was on her period.

The Friday night, I did manage to get laid, though it was 1 of my worse sexual performances to date.

Saturday night resulted in decent sex…which left Sunday night remaining.

Could I possibly sleep with 3 new girls within 4 nights back to back?

Well- Sunday didn’t actually turn out the way I planned it, but I’ll touch on that in a subsequent post.

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