4 Lays In 4 Days…Friday’s Mission [Mass-Texting Random Girls To Meet Up Pt.II]

Ok, so here is the mass-text, last-ditch effort last night but through Whatsapp as I did simultaneously through FB and Tagged.
[My texts in green]


Above: I picked up this chick some months ago while she was working. So…she spotted me yesterday as I was picking up some girls running day-game. 😉

[My texts in green]

Above: I picked her up a while back but never followed through. I really wanted to go to that bar thing and hang out with her but things changed so rapidly last night that I couldn’t even get a grip on the best move to make in order to get my 1st lay of the 4 lay mission.

[My texts in green]

Below: another girl I recently picked up (days ago).

There are 4 more chat-logs with 4 other girls but it makes no sense to embed them here because the results were the same from girl to girl…except for the one whom I’ll speak about in the following post.

My quest to get laid last night continued since I struck out the Thursday night because the girl was seeing her period. 😦 So, this makes 0 for 4 out of 2 days thus far.

Stay tuned.

Note: this is NOT game whatsoever! It’s a last-second effort to get a girl to blindly commit to seeing me for a drink.

There wasn’t enough time to actually game these girls in any structured form whatsoever as I usually do, since time was working against me. So I was hoping for a lucky break.

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