4 Lays In 4 Days…Friday’s Mission [Mass-Texting Random Girls To Meet Up]

Ok guys, in no specific order [I don’t think], I will post a slew of screenshots of messages exchanged between myself and a handful of girls throughout Friday (yesterday).

If you’ve been following this series (“4 lays in 4 days”), my mission is to attempt to sleep with 4 different girls (all random strangers picked up on Facebook), 4 nights/days back to back: from Thursday to Sunday morning, so that is 4 days to attempt this feat.

Thus far, Thursday was a debacle as you would’ve read.

Last night into Saturday morning? I will address throughout this post and the coming posts within the next few hours.

Friday (included all 4 days of the mission), I had a designated girl with whom I was to meet up. Plans were made days prior.

In light of that (already having plans with a specific girl) those plans turned out to be somewhat shaky as Friday morning hit, so I had to scramble, trying to fill last night’s slot with another girl in case the designated girl was to flake…which kind of happened.

Anyway, so this was the situation: the said girl whom I was to meet last night was giving me some iffy vibe so I decided to mass-contact (via text) a bunch of girls whom I had picked up recently online (included girls whom I contacted yesterday for the first time).

Here are the screenshots from throughout Friday (in no particular order).


Above: an East-Indian girl. That obviously didn’t go anywhere since she didn’t reply.


Above: a sexy MILF.

Above: obviously no reply.


Above: This girl I’d contacted on a previous occasion months ago.


Above: another East Indian girl



Above: 2 other random girls who didn’t reply then.


Above: now, with this chick directly above, she seemed super willing to meet up but claimed that I didn’t get back to her in time…though I waited around near the location hoping she would pop up.


Above: another no reply.

Above: Wow! Okay! This was obviously the most solid lead in that the girl asked for my number. Will anything materialize? Let’s see.

Anyway guys, those were the hail-mary aka mass-texts from Tagged.com.

These girls may very well reply in time since a bulk of them wasn’t online at the time.

Now- let’s go to Facebook and see what transpired when I tried this same last-second approach last night.



Above: the girl directly above, we were to meet Thursday night but it fell through since I had other plans. Clearly she never got back to me last night.

With the girl in the screenshot below, we did meet up by the bus terminal. She’s actually a hottie I picked up less than 5 days ago…on Facebook.

We met, chatted and goofed around for about half an hour until her bus came.

Above: beats the hell out of me why she would think I love “fluffy” girls. “Fluffy” is the new politically correct term for fat in the Caribbean. I guess from my FB posts the other day where I posted about all fellow PUA’s should do fatties [joking of course]. Well- she seems down to meet up later today (Saturday)…but I have other plans.

Those were just a portion of the messages I sent out on Facebook last evening/night.

In the following post, I will post my hail-mary approach but on Whatsapp.

Stay tuned for another update from last night into the A.M.

Allow me to reiterate guys; this is NOT game whatsoever! It’s a last-second effort to get a girl to blindly commit to seeing me for a drink.

There wasn’t enough time to actually game these girls in any structured form whatsoever as I usually do, since time was worming against me. So I was hoping for a lucky break.

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