4 Lays In 4 Days…Friday Lay Report With DTF Chick

Ok, here we go!

One of the girls I contacted on Tagged yesterday evening turned into a super-solid prospect whom I end up shagging last night.

The “4 Lays in 4 Days” mission now stands at 1 for 2: one girl slept with out of 2 nights thus far.

As I write this post, it is now 6:30 PM on Saturday night.

As expected, I have plans tonight with girls #3 of 4.

Before I get into that (tonight’s rendezvous), let’s backtrack to last night…the chat-log.

After picking up the girl yesterday at the last second on Tagged, she messaged me on Whatsapp.

The chat-log below [her texts in white. Mines in green].


I got straight to the point, knowing she was ultra DTF.


Yep- logistics were handled.

Honestly speaking, I was leery about this move [though I’m always taking such risks].

There I was going to see a girl in a strange village that I never been to before.

For all I know, it could’ve turned out bad for me…but I still went through.

I must say that it was the worst sex ever.

It had nothing to do with her but me.

My cock couldn’t maintain an erection.

In fact, I hardly got hard [no pun intended].

What I surmise is that I was tense and somewhat nervous that I was so far outside of my comfort zone (a strange village), and not knowing whether this girl had bad intentions or not, so this played into the overall situation in a negative sense on my part.

Anyway, so we had about 2 minutes of penetration until my cock eventually went limp limp (though it was never rock solid to begin with).

She gave me a blowjob in hopes to resuscitate the cock but to no avail.

That chick couldn’t suck to save her life!

WTF is up with these girls nowadays and these mediocre-ass blowjobs!?

The last 15 or so girls I met who happened to go down on me, were all amateurish at cock-sucking! 😡 😡

With this girl, the more she sucked, the more limp my dick became!

I honestly wanted to tell her to get the fuck off of me!

I became semi-erect a bit afterwards, so she pulled out another condom and slid it on me but I was only able to manage about 20 seconds more of penetration before it died again. 😦

Anxiety and nerves are a muthafucka!!! 😡

I simply called it a night and left with the condom still on my dick up until the time I woke up this morning (Saturday).

I honestly forgot that the condom was still on my phallic object.

In any case; it still counted as a lay, though I bombed. 😦

With that, the count is 1 for 4 so far. Tonight (Saturday), I have a chance to make it 2 for 4: 2 lays in 4 days with tonight being the 3rd attempt.

At the moment, I am typing up this post from a bar and grill joint as I sip on a Pina Colada.

The photo below was taken in real time.


Stay posted for the next article which will feature my entire Friday night before and after I (sorta) banged this girl.

5 thoughts on “4 Lays In 4 Days…Friday Lay Report With DTF Chick

Add yours

    1. Dude, I forgot to post about that shit but the pill failed me bro! That shit didn’t work at all! I was shocked because I took it the same night I took home the girl who was on her period. I didn’t feel a difference and my cock was just regular. I had high hopes for the pill


      1. Haha! Sorry mate! That must have sucked, I remember that happened to me as well. It was with a fat chick though and I remember commenting on Facebook status of yours saying that’s why I don’t do them. Mentally they just don’t get me off, I guess you were psychologically putt off by being in a strange place. If that’s the case, could it be that these pills are just all in our heads!? Hmm!


        1. Good question bro. I’m always the type of person who believes that these things are in the head. Coffee doesn’t give me a boost nor does it keep me awake. Energy drinks don’t work for me. I’m really starting to believe it is in the head. But dammit, the pill promised that it would last 4 days. But on another note, anxiety and being somewhat fearful was what affected me that night. Oh- and of course I remember your situation 😦


  1. Definitely annoying when nerves or other thoughts can distract you from enjoying the experience. I like the catchy “4 lays in 4 days” title lol. Looking forward to hearing the rest!


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