Gunning For 4 Lays In 4 Days: Night 1 [Thursday Evening…NSFW]

This part of town was virtually a ghost town...and yes that is my shadow

It is literally 12: 24 AM [Friday morning] and I’m prowling the streets of St. John’s City aimlessly, a bit bewildered at the turn of events tonight.

I arrived in the city around 6:30 PM, grabbed something to eat at a Lebanese joint and waited around for this chick to show up.

Remember the girl from this screenshot from a previous installment of “4 lays in 4 days”?

[Her texts in white. Mines in green]

With this chick, I been meaning to meet up with for a while but never got around to it. And of course I didn't wish her HBD. #ChicksPlayingHardToGet

Well- she showed up probably about 7:30 pm.

Let’s just say the encounter lasted no more than 10 minutes.

Though I wanted us to meet up at my guesthouse as originally planned, I was starving to death so I’d decided to grab a bite and told her to meet me near the eatery spot and we walk to the guesthouse nearby.

She texted me saying that she’s nearby, so I walked to where she was seated on some benches.

As I got there, I told her to stand up so we can hug.

Girl: “It’s okay…just sit down”.

Totally dismissing me.

That was strike #1 for the night!

I sat and she kept blabbering away about all sorts of nonsense, ex-boyfriends, etc.

She then went on to say that her friend was telling her she shouldn’t go meet me because I’m a stranger and all.

Shortly afterwards, and during the conversation for that matter, I tried touching her [non-sexually] but she kept acting like a prick by pulling away and saying not to touch.

Strike #2!

I then tell her “let’s go grab a drink” from a particular spot but she refused and kept insisting on going to a spot of her choosing.

It was as if she didn’t want to be seen with me.

Why so?

Am I that ugly?

Not really.

My hunch told me that she has a secret boyfriend and he was somewhere nearby the spot that I wanted to go to grab a drink, so she didn’t want to comply.

I didn’t want to go to the spot she insisted on. She didn’t want to come with me to the spot I insisted on, hence it was a stalemate.

Strike #3!

She kept reiterating that she’s not gonna stay long and she has homework to do, has to get up early for work, etc.

She said some other shit that really ticked me off so I got up from the bench and proceeded to walk off.

Girl: “Oh you’re leaving”?

I kept walking without saying a word.

That was that!

I blocked and deleted her on Facebook and Whatsapp.

I then went back to the Lebanese pizza spot to hang out outside with some Syrian and Lebanese guys doing some shit-talking in Arabic.

Not pleased with calling last night a night and throwing in the towel on the 1 of 4 lay attempts, I texted another girl and she was down for seeing me.

Talk about psyched!

This was another chick I met on Facebook not long ago but never got to meet…until last night.

Here are the screenshots from Whatsapp [my texts in green]

Bring your roommate? What do you really think this shit is girl!?

Anyway, we met, grabbed a pina colada and a Margarita to go (pictured below) at a bar and we drank briefly.

We then took a stroll and I decided to snap a few photos of us on the way to my abode.



Got back to my guest house and room, she rested on the bed while I took a quick shower.

I got out and lie beside her and proceeded to kiss her all over without resistance.

As I got closer to her vagina with my fingers, she let me know in super-cryptic form that she was on her period. It took me a good minute to decipher what the hell she was trying to say.

Wow! What a fucking setback!

I was saying to myself, “Dammit bitch! Why come to see me knowing that you’re on your period”!?

A bit disappointed, I kept on fondling her, sucking her breasts (without much resistance), then I decided to mount her in order to tit-fuck her breasts:

Girl: “Nooooooo. Remember I have a daughter and she still breast feeds”.

“FUCK ME”!!!!!!!!!!

I said to myself, “but you’re gonna bathe anyway so it’s not like your daughter is gonna be sucking the dick off of your breasts”!

I un-mounted myself from her bust and decided that I was to settle for a fucking blowjob and call it a night…at least a blowjob.

As she stroked my cock, the closer I tried to get it to her face, the more I kept hearing, “It’s getting late. I have to go just now. My roommate is probably wondering where I am”.

She got up from the bed to look at her phone which was charging. I also got up while trying to coax her into sucking my cock.

Girl: “We can do all that tomorrow when my period finishes”.

Me: “Is your mouth on a period too”?

Girl: “Of course not. But you’re getting me turned on and I can’t do anything about it”.

Me: “Listen. Come suck me. I wanna feel your lips on my cock”.

Girl: “It’s pretty late and my roommate is probably worried”.

It was about 11 pm, but I found it to be utter bullshit either way.


I guess she doesn’t know that I have other plans tomorrow…as in today.

She pinned up her bra, top and pants then asked me to follow her to where a friend will pick her up.

I kindly declined and she walked out the door.

Seconds later, I sent this message to her as you can see in the screenshot below [also telling her to delete my #].

As you can see from the screenshot, we hung out from about 9 something until after 11 when she exited my abode.

Though I don’t usually do this, here is a pic I took from last night while in bed fondling her whoppers. Pardon my hairy-ass legs. 😉


All in all; last night was a horrendous fluke in my book!

Hence, the 4 lays in 4 days had just slipped out of my hands by the skin of its teeth because this chick was on her period, and the other girl whom I walked off from earlier, she was acting like a bitch. So I struck out twice in 1 night.

With that, the 4 lays in 4 days has been reduced to 3 lays in 3 days.

We’ll see how later [Friday evening] goes.


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