Gunning For 4 Lays In 4 Days…Afternoon Interlude With Big-Booty Girl

In need of a drink from last night’s fiasco, as I was headed further downtown to 1 of my favorite-drink spots, out of the blue I get a message from 1 of the prospects who had fallen by the wayside due to my process of elimination of girls whom I’d deemed not DTF.

[Her texts in white. Mines in green]

Ok, so the story with her is as the case with most of these girls: I picked up this feisty chick randomly on Facebook some weeks ago.

She liked me a lot but just wasn’t DTF enough for me, so I never made plans with her to be included in the “4 lays in 4 days” mission of mines.

Barring that, she appeared outside of the guest house and we walked further downtown.

I suggest we grab a drink since I was in need of 1.

Since she was on her work break, she wasn’t too keen on having anything alcoholic. As we got to the spot, she quickly changed her mind and wanted me to order her a mango slushy thing but with alcohol.

She insisted that she pay for hers.


I ordered 2 which came up to $30…but I end up paying for both as it was more convenient.

We sat and goofed around for about 45 minutes.

She’s a very goofy-type chick, so that was refreshing in a way.

We both watched girl’s asses as they passed through the venue.

Girl: “I love her ass Kenny! Do you see that”!?

Not bashful at all, she stared at asses and blurted it out for the entire venue to hear.

I had to physically muzzle her!

Talk about un-stifled and expressive.

The entire time as we sit, chat and drink, I was caressing her elbow and forearm.

As expected, she comments on it:

“I’m very ticklish. And why are you so touchy”!?

This was said in a playful manner by the way…but I kept on caressing her as she sat across the tiny table from me.

I told her how much I enjoyed taking pics of drinks so I snapped a few photos.



We flirted heavily to say the least.

The sexual energy and tension were permeating through the air between the 2 of us!

“Why the fuck does she have to return to work”, I said to myself!

I caressed her thighs beneath the miniature table which kind of separated us.

Push-pull, back and forth.

After 45 minutes we decided to leave since her lunch break was almost up.

I joked about being drunk so I interlocked my arm with hers as if she were carrying me. This was perfect/plausible excuse to establish further touch/KINO.

As we walked, I hugged her, threw my arms around her shoulders, hips, etc.

The sexual tension was MASSIVE!

Girl: “You know you want to touch my ass don’t you”!

Me: “Why you say that”?

Girl: “I can feel it and taste it”.

Me: “Ok then”.

I then grabbed her juicy ass, squeezed it and slapped it…playfully.

This went back and forth for about 25 minutes as we walked.

Tried to make out with her but she wouldn’t let me. I was only able to kiss her cheeks and neck as we stood on the sidewalk.

She twice grabbed my cock as I admitted to her that I have a boner.

This is actually a strange thing for me in that it never ever happened before that I popped a boner from merely flirting with a girl…until about an hour and half ago with this chick.

She has a Kim Kardashian ass with the same figure.

Too bad I wasn’t able to get any footage! 😦 😦

Ok, so we hugged it out as she departed back to work.

Knowing for sure that she’s DTF, I am actually entertaining the idea of bumping off the girl whom I’m slated to see tonight, and put this girl in her slot instead.

I shortly texted her afterwards just to feel out the vibe on whether she’ll be down for seeing me later.

[My texts in green. Hers in white]


The chat continued into the afternoon as I write this field report.



Stay posted.

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