Gunning For 4 Lays In 4 Days…4th Update

Hey guys, plans fell through last night with the Thursday night slot.

This bitch who was supposed to come hang out with me later on today (in the evening) at my hotel, got me real pissed off so I x’d her out last night because she wanted to be an ass.

Here is the screenshot [her texts in white. Mines in green].


Above: okay, so she asks me a stupid question which came out of left field (“what is ur idea of love”), she didn’t like my answers so she says “maybe we shouldn’t meet”. These sort of games I have zero-fucking patience for because they show a lack of respect for my time. Hence, I call it off and make other plans. I know for certain she was just testing me to see how willing I was to meet up. But her testing I wasn’t up for. I can guarantee she’ll hit me up later on today wanting to meet up still. Sorry bitch; your Thursday night slot has been refilled! I blocked her on Whatsapp and un-friended her from Facebook.

Since this all went down at the last minute last night (girl above “claiming” to pull out), I had to scramble at the last minute to try to get that vacant slot filled by other prospects; some of whom I had on the proverbial waiting list, and a few whom I’m contacting for the first time.

I took to Facebook and got to work [girl’s messages in gray. Mines in blue].


Above: with this chick, we were to meet weeks ago but never materialized because of my schedule. I texted her on Whatsapp about meeting up on Sunday morning but she never replied. I don’t know how the fuck she’s going through menopause at the age of 36, but that shit really agitated me. Plus, “I’ll let you know”. No girl; I don’t operate with maybies. It’s either yes or no! She wants to meet Friday night instead but that slot has already been filled from the get-go. NEXT! I deleted her from Facebook and blocked her on Whatsapp.

On to the next chick via Facebook Messenger. Remind you; I was messaging these 4 girls simultaneously trying to get tonight’s slot filled.
[My texts in blue. Hers in gray]


Above: this chicks I’ve known for years but we lost contact a couple times but since reconnected on Facebook a few days ago. Sensing she was dilly-dallying around, I told her that I’m trying to organize shit but she seems to be too blasé about meeting up, so I told her “never mind”. Fuck that chick. NEXT!

[My texts in blue]

Above: okay, so this is a sexy-ass part-time bartender whom I randomly picked up on Facebook some weeks back. Basically, she isn’t free later because of work, but she wants me to come chill by her workplace (the bar). I translate that to mean: she wants me to spend and buy drinks at the establishment she works, and to essentially put money in her pockets in the form of tips. NEXT!

[My texts in blue. Hers in gray]

Girl on the far left in black

The sexy girl directly above [Kell] was arguably the most solid prospect of the 4 as you would’ve noticed from the dialogue. This is a girl whom I’d also randomly picked up on FB a few weeks back. Why I decide to not push for her # is because she’s always on FB and she replies to my messages promptly as fuck. So I doubt I would face a situation later this evening where I inbox her to meet up with me, and she doesn’t get to check her message.

Ironically, I find her [girl directly above] to be the 2nd sexiest and 2nd most bangable of the 4 prospects [after the bartender]. So I was pleased that she appeared to be the most psyched and serious about meeting up at my hotel later on today when I touched down on the annexed island.

At the end of the day guys, it always hearkens back to having abundance with women.

If 1 girl chooses to be a dick and act as though she’s calling the shots: you are at liberty to simply next her ass and move on to the next one.

In fact, the 4 girls whom I had contacted on FB about meeting up with me this evening, those were just the first 4 who happened to pop up on my friend list in non-alphabetical order. But there were well over 100 other girls whom I could’ve realistically contacted about meeting up later [those are all random girls whom I’d picked up on Facebook over the last few months].

Whenever you gain abundance with women, you are never shy about nexting any particular girl for saying dumb shit, opportunistic shit, or getting too fem-centric on you.

My tolerance for putting up with bullshit from any woman has been near depleted over the last 3 years. And I’ve become more of a short-patient asshole (with women), sickened by unnecessary shit tests and the like.

With having abundance of women to choose from, no 1 girl is treated anymore special than any other.

No girl gets put on a goddamn pedestal!

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