Gunning For 4 Lays In 4 Days [3rd update]

Talk about investment into a cause, I think I’ve really taken this “4 lays in 4 days” mission to another level.

I’ve recently bought this sexual-performance enhancement pill- which interestingly enough, as stated on the packet- it promises that it would last for “4 days” [the 1 tablet which comes in the packet].


This just might be what I need right now: something that would keep me going for 4 days in succession. 😉

Also interesting: this will have been the first time ever that I take any sexual-enhancement pill, so I am a bit skeptical and slightly fearful in a way [due to all the Viagra scares I’ve heard over the years].

However though (years ago), I did purchase and use a topical product [a spray] which actually worked like magic!

About 4 sprays/squirts on the head of the penis would numb the penis, kill the sensation [but somehow not the pleasure of sex], thus making you last much longer.

The only drawback with the dick-numbing spray was that you couldn’t really control when you wanted to cause ejaculation.

You would fuck and fuck and fuck until you eventually pass out, albeit with an erect cock, but you just wouldn’t cum successfully.

In any case, if my dick collapses by Monday, I’ll let you guys know. 😉 😉

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