Gunning For 4 Lays In 4 Days

Just over the last 24 hours I set something up with these 3 girls for the coming weekend.

[Her texts in white. Mines in green]

With this chick, I been meaning to meet up with for a while but never got around to it. And of course I didn't wish her HBD. #ChicksPlayingHardToGet
Same thing with this girl. You may have remembered her from a recent post where I had to flake on her last weekend. I can finally take her on Saturday evening.
As is the case with the girl for Thursday, I'd been wanting to meet up with this girl also, but she was low on the fuck-priority list. I like how she tries to make plans for us for the Saturday night also. I'll have to disappoint her since I'll be meeting up with someone else on Saturday evening.

With the girl directly above, she seemed to have forgotten that I was an ardent seductionist who’s all about bouncing from here to there.

Every girl I meet knows my deal from the get-go, so it’s funny how she tries to tie me down for the entire weekend by forcing plans upon me…as if I don’t have other plans [women will often do this by the way].

Okay guys; so Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights are booked up.

Since I’ll have to leave Sunday noonday, Sunday evening isn’t possible for a 4th lay, so I’ll have to try to convince the possible 4th to meet up with me on Sunday morning…anything before 11:30 am.

I can already foresee that the Sunday attempt will be challenging. But worth a shot nevertheless.

As for “4 lays in 4 days”, I’ve never attempted it, simply because I’m not big on sex [that wasn’t a typo]. The most I would gun for is 2 girls in 2 days if anything. But with the backlog extending from 4 months ago, I feel that I have to expedite shit as fast as possible.

Will keep you posted.

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