Gunning For 4 Lays In 4 Days…Update

Hey guys, just as I mentioned in the previous post; getting a girl to commit to seeing me on a Sunday morning (between 6 am and 11:30), would be a tight proposition.

How so?

For 1: Sundays (mornings in general) isn’t idea of meeting for the first time with any chick for that matter.

Secondly, before 12 PM on a weekend, women are usually feeling and looking shitty…or still in bed. So it only complicates matters if they have to get somewhere [on a weekend] before 12 PM…unless it is work.

Be as it may, I managed to somewhat hammer something out with a girl who’s been wanting to see me (and vice versa) for weeks now, but kept happening to get bumped down that rigid priority list of mines.

Here’s the super-brief interaction from today [my texts in green. Hers in white].


Ok, so that wasn’t the most solid of rendezvous setups ever. But it’s better than nothing.

It’s also good that she’s unemployed in that there’s no logical reason why she couldn’t come see me this coming Sunday morning.

It’s not like she has to go to work or anything. 😯

Anyway, since she lives far from the city, that throws another monkey wrench in the game as far as logistics go.

Not only will I have to dole out $50 for the long-ass cab ride. But this may actually be an hour-long ride depended on how far she lives from the city [haven’t fount out as yet].

Be as it may, I’m really gung-ho about this 4 lays in 4 days challenge that I’ve given myself [sporadically so].

Remind you guys: none of these 4 girls have I ever seen before.

They were all Facebook pulls (random hotties I picked up on Facebook). So again, this goes to demonstrate how potent my Facebook pick-up method is, which enables me to consistently pick up scores of random-hot women…on a DAILY basis off of Facebook.

I truly don’t have to leave my house nor open an account on any online-dating site in order to pick up women. But because I’m addicted to picking up random strangers in the streets, bars and nightclubs; I elect to continue doing so.

Stay posted!

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