Seizing Opportunities Wherever They Pop Up [more Facebook game]

This just dawned on me minutes ago, so I felt a need to right-away whip up this quick post to share it with you guys.

As part of my Facebook pull strategy [quite many written about in “Facebook Bang”], there’s another nifty approach I use in order to shortcut the seduction process by screening for the girls who are already keen on me, opposed from the ones who aren’t.

In fact; this isn’t even an approach since it all depends on whether the girl does this or not.

What am I getting at?


“Likes”!? 😯

Okay, when I say “likes” as it relates to this sketchy subject, I’m not necessarily revealing that if a girl likes your pics and statuses that is an IOI [Indicator of Interest].

This isn’t true at all.

Facebook is filled with mass-likers, spam-likers and those who just hit like for the fuck of it…or simply because the button is so easily available to tap.

Hence, if you’re judging whether a girl likes you or not [through Facebook] on the basis that she customarily hits like on your statuses and pics, then you are as lost as a bat caught outside during daylight hours.

On that note, it is a striking difference however, when a girl hits like on a comment that you had made; primarily on someone else’s status or photo.

I often use this moment to seize my opportunity and get on the offensive towards securing a random pull on Facebook.

Having a girl who is already in your friend list, like your post, photo or comment, isn’t an indication of much.

However, when that person isn’t in your friend list yet she hits like on a comment you made on a mutual friend’s post or pic, it says a lot. And that is where you should take action because her action of “liking” what you said was likely an SOI [Sign of Interest].

It is 1 of the easiest ways to pull ass on Facebook, since the girl would’ve already indicated her fondness of you (or whatever it was that you commented).

The only drawback here is that the girl essentially chooses you. And if she’s ugly or not to your liking; then it makes no sense.

Also [another drawback], this will have happened not on your terms but sporadically so.

What I’m basically alerting you guys to, are those moments in which you can pull, and finding opportunities where you never thought they existed…like random girl liking your comments on a mutual friend’s post.

I’ve picked up my share of girls through this mean over the years.

What's your view?

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