Before Adding/Messaging A Girl On Facebook Check Her Receptivity & Reciprocation Levels

In spite of my sporadic yet calculating approach to contacting girls on Facebook in hopes of seduction, there’s actually an art and timing to this entire thing.

Before I shoot off an inbox message to a random hottie, I check for a few things, but 2 in particular: the girl’s receptivity and reciprocation levels.

What are those, how do I check for them…and for that purpose?

Receptivity and Reciprocation are simply as they imply: I briefly scan the girl’s Facebook timeline [if it isn’t totally privatized] in order to get a glimpse of her activities where they relate to her replies on comments and how she treats those comments.

If she actively replies to comments, then that means her reciprocation level is VERY HIGH…which means the chances of her replying to my direct messages, will likely be high also [though I don’t necessarily need this approach as a guideline].

How does one discern whether a girl is of high reciprocation or low?

Check her Facebook statuses!

If she often replies to comments left by others, then it is a great sign of her participatory nature, reciprocation and receptivity levels.

Contrarily, if she doesn’t at all engage her audience and those who comment on her stuff, then this is usually a sign of a girl who has low receptivity and reciprocation levels…which means it’ll be an uphill battle getting her to engage you through her inbox [for most guys that is].

Here’s a great case of this from a screenshot I took of a hot girl [whom I added days ago] who posted the following pic the other day.

Check out her high level of reciprocation, indicative by how active she is in replying to comments made.


Now, here is an interesting thing: girls of hotness are shit poor at engaging their audience and replying to comments.

Girls in general are poor at reciprocation as far as comments on their status go…at least in comparison to men.

This all ties into the hot-girl blasé attitude, where hot girls typically blow off people [particularly men] who show them any sort of interest via nice compliments and comments.

It fuels their ego to have guys load their statuses with comments while they purposely elect to not reply…unless dismissively or rudely.

When you have a girl who reciprocates and is engaging with her audience, she will likely adopt this same pattern via messenger or inbox messages.

Girls who typically don’t reply to inbox messages, also poorly reply to comments made on their statuses and photos.

This by no means means that you should not proceed in trying to seduce such a girl.

It simply means that you’ll have a much more difficult time trying to convert those girls, than the ones who are engaging, reciprocative and receptive.

This is where a more strategic approach comes in…which you can read about in the most strategic guide on how to pick up and lay girls from Facebook: “Facebook Bang”.

What's your view?

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