Don’t Hesitate To Call Things Off…[The Follow Up]

Pre-rendezvous drink (last night)

Girl from the previous post whom I had to cancel on over the weekend wasn’t quite pleased about it [none of them ever is].

I found her appeal quite interesting since she played both sides of the coin here:

On 1 hand, she gives the impression that she’s totally fine with the cancellation. Yet she insinuated that I should stand up the girl I was to meet last night, and meet up with her instead.

Here’s the text exchange from yesterday evening while I waited for another girl to meet me @ an eatery spot [Her texts in white. Mines in green].



It ceases to amaze me how and why women always make it about sex in such cases. I’ve never told this chick I wanted to bang her [though I obviously want to]. She only assumed so because of my vibe.

Powerful stuff isn’t it (having girls wanting to meet up).

What's your view?

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