What Is This About…Girl!?

Ever so often, chicks are in the habit of playing these little mind-games, testing [congruence testing] and trying to see how much they can get away with in order to tilt the balance of power and leverage in their favor.

Yesterday morning, this Bostonian [who lives in the islands] whom I’d picked up about 3 months ago on Facebook [go figure], hits me up on Whatsapp.

[Her texts in white. Mines in green]



Now- here’s the deal: ever since picking her up on FB (3 months back), our plans to physically meet up (@ my hotel) kept falling through, largely due to my hectic schedule on the weekends.

We’ve attempted to meet up on 3 or 4 occasions but it just never came off.

Having just returned from Boston, Mass the other day to the Caribbean, 2 nights ago, I texted her saying that I was to be ferrying to her island for the weekend and I would like us to finally rendezvous @ my hotel as we originally planned from 3 months back.

She texted me back and said that she already made plans with her girlfriends, being that it is her birthday weekend and she’ll be planned-out from Friday-Sunday.

“Cool”! I replied.

Now here she comes texting me yesterday morning [as depicted in the screenshot] after the subject was dropped the night before, “claiming” that I didn’t accept the fact that she had prior plans.

What really stuck out though is that she kept saying I’m a cunt, my attitude isn’t cute, I’m trying to play her for a fool…in other words.

Honestly speaking, she’s another chick whom I picked up via asshole game…simply because she’s a social butterfly and leader of her pack [which means she has very high-social value], thus using asshole/dick game is a prerequisite to getting such hot girl’s attention. So, because of that; she sees me as an asshole and I do treat her derisively like a little pest.

You must remember that hot girls, or girls whom are deemed “somebody” by their peer group, are NOT accustomed to be treated like 2nd-class citizens by men who are trying to date or bang them.

Therefore, whenever you do this successfully as I often do [treat hot girls with contempt], it fucks with their perception of reality and how things are supposed to be.

It’s like she’s saying to herself:

“How fucking dare Kenny not chase me”!

“How dare he not beg me to see me”!

“How dare Kenny not throw a fit because I told him I had prior plans”!

“How dare he treats me cunty when every other guy is scooping my poop and rolling out the red carpet whenever I come through”!

That was the case with this girl’s irrational diatribe out of left field.

She didn’t expect nor wanted me to just accept the fact that we won’t be meeting up this weekend because I contacted her on a late note.

She wanted me to throw a fit, beg and plead as every other guy would. Not gingerly accept that we can’t meet up.

On a related note, when you as a guy have options, your weekend or dating life won’t revolve around 1 girl, and whether this 1 girl accepts or declines your invitation to meet up.

Psychologically, when you have no other options and no recourse but that 1 girl, you tend to deify and pedestalize her, being that she’s all you’ve got to bank on.

Women, knowing that the average guy is option-deficient, tend to be able to predict a guy’s reaction when shut down as in the case of rejections and date declining.

However, as a guy who has abundance and options in women flowing out the wazoo [speaking of myself here], he can afford to flip the script and make it seem as though he’s giving the girl another chance at meeting up…just as I did with this girl from Boston when I said to her “we’ll hang out next weekend, granted u don’t stress me out with this bitchy shit”.


I mean- who says that to a girl who has loads of perceived social value except a guy who has more perceived social value than she does, and a guy who has abundance of women to chose from?

Furthermore, she acknowledges the fact that I have other women/options when she mentioned that she wasn’t fooly as those “other chicks”.


At the end of the day, this was just another routine attempt by a girl who has loads of guys chasing her, to try to get me to tool myself out like the rest, so she can gain validation and stroke her ego that she has managed to blow off another chode for the day.


2 thoughts on “What Is This About…Girl!?

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  1. Hi, my question is, are you going to meet after she called you a cunnt? Are you going to let that slide for now and continue or just push the next button?


    1. Hey Hollentunder. I will let it slide (the cunt thing). Ironically, this is actually the girl who pulled out of the Thursday night slot (if you read my latest post). So I guess at the end of the day, the cunt thing really got to me.


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